Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Really is a Collectible?

A forum user made his first post ever to share some ominous news; the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition can no longer be pre-ordered from Amazon.com. If you try to do so, you are redirected to the regular edition of D3, and Amazon tech support says they have no more of that item to sell. Other users chimed in to report similar issues with other retailers.

Blizzard has not released any info about how many copies of the D3CE are being manufactured, so it’s possible that the rush of pre-orders has already exhausted the global supply. Or perhaps some retailers still have it, while others, like Amazon.com, are sold out? Or possibly a whole additional wave of them is coming and there’s nothing to worry about. In any event, if you want one and you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you should probably get on that.

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    37 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Really is a Collectible?

      • Malignant:

        I pre-ordered the CE from Gamestop UK a couple of days after it was announced. Checking the web site again, I see it’s no longer available to order. They took my money immediately, so I’d damn well better get mine!

    1. Hmmm is that not the case always? I remember SC2’s CE lasted only 3 days in our local EB Games (Perth, Australia). D3CE had last much longer compared to that. I always thought CE are limited. Which was why i paid 50 dollars to secure and guarantee a copy of it from EB games some 2 years ago.

    2. Interesting to see how pre-orders can kill a supply that has no foreseeable release date. They’re basically selling air and telling us they just ran out…

      • to let “I ordered the CE very fast when I read this…  ” happen… 🙂
        else this could just be the restriction on how many copies of them are allowed to be saled at release… just to make it a bit exclusive, nothing so bad in my eyes

    3. It is still available for pre-order at GameStop, and they have in store pickup for it. As much as I dislike GameStop, if you haven’t preordered yet I’d say that’s a good bet.

    4. How can they be “out” of CE if they didnt even know how many of said CE will be availible from Blizzard, its not like they got an email from Blizz saying they’ll have 20000 copies and thats it, most shops ( amazon.co.uk for one ) dont even have the CE preorder couse they’re waiting for the price/number of copies confirmation from Blizz.

      • That’s what I was thinking too. I’d been waiting for, you know, there to be an actual release date and price before preordering. Ridiculous if they are sold out now.

      • im pretty sure they do. The EB shop in my city did say they were already told how many copies they will get and that is it. So pre-order of the CE were limited.

    5. The CE can still be preordered from the german Amazon Website (amazon.de) for the “low” price of 99,99 € (85 pounds 132 US-Dollar). Seriously, are they fucking insane? I normally pay 30-45 euro for a standard version at amazon.co.uk, 45-55 euro at amazom.de More than twice as much for a CE? no way.

    6. One has to be retarded to preorder based on these rumors. Seriously this marketing agressiveness is gettin on my nerves lately, like really bad. There will be collectors edition available before and after the release if clients demand it, considering Blizard wants to sell. So get a life and stop spreading retarded rumors.

    7. Will Blizz allow us to buy a standard, and then upgrade to CE so we can play if it’s hard to get a CE on launch night?  I believe they did this with WoW.

      I don’t want to risk it.. already pre-ordered at GameStop and probably somewhere else too, just to be safe..

    8. I think they just stopped taking pre orders before actually knowing how much they’ll get for sale.
      Here in austria/germany we can’t even pre-order the CE yet.

      Blizzard won’t miss out on that money.

    9. Same thing happened with the SC2 CE, but I can waltz into my local best buy and buy one today if I wanted to.

      • Curious. The Best Buy I went to a few days after Blizz officially announced the CE said they wouldn’t take CE pre-orders in store. They would take regular box pre-orders in store. bestbuy.ca already ran out of stock for the online CE orders at that time (with the $5 off promo). After I badgered them some more, the manager further explained they only get 15 copies of the CE per store, same as all other Blizz CEs. They fly away within the first few minutes of midnight launches.
        Though I despise FutureShop’s sales rep attitudes, I decided to go check them out right after. Basically the same answer regarding in store CE pre-orders.
        The Best Buy games sales guy did mention GameStop is the only box store he knows of that’ll reserve in-store CE pre-orders. True enough, no fuss no muss, receipt in my wallet waiting from GameStop.

        • Maybe you live in a small city. I don’t.
          My city is also a gaming city. There’s three LAN cafes here, one not too far from me. And I can walk into any store at midnight (whomever has a midnight opening) and get a CE without any bother, even without pre-ordering, every single time.

          My best buy (all of them; we have like four or five) had stand-ups for the cata CE. There must have been at least 100 boxes in each standup. In each store. But Best Buy employees are generally morons and cannot be trusted with even the most facile of information.

          • Metro population 1M+. 4 Best Buys. 8 GameStop/EBs. North America’s largest mall.
            “…Best Buy employees are generally morons and cannot be trusted…” I’m going to lean towards that. At least they’re not lifeless and rude like the FS reps =/

    10. Preordere 7 minutes after it became available on my favourite retailer. They are sold out too. I am so happy I managed to order it, it was gone super fast  8)

    11. GameStop still has it for preorder, with local pickup option. I was trying to wait for a solid release date to get announced… but after reading this, I’m going to buy it anyhow, better safe than sorry.

    12. If I recall correctly (WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos), Blizzard distributes one CE per 100 ordered standard units to retailers, at least that’s what different retailers told me over the years. Better don’t get your hopes up if you’re still seeing the CE being offered online somewhere, I’ve had the case where the retailer cancelled my CE order on release day (WoW: Burning Crusade) because they simply didn’t expect supply to be limited (or that limited).

      I could very well imagine finding CE’s standing in the store shelves on and beyond release though, maybe even the 100:1 ratio has changed over the years, if there’s simply enough profit to make …

    13. They probably just reached the limits of their first local allottment of CEs and the manufacturer needs more time to produce more… There will be more in the near future, if not for pre-order then for the surge of intial sales on release day and the next couple weeks after…

      • Yes, that’s a common occurrence.
        Or a certain retailer has gone through their allotment already. Each retailer/chain is only offered a certain amount.

    14. I’m still on the fence about the CE, but maybe this put the nail in the coffin.  I would have gotten the CE from Amazon, anyway.
      Sad to say it, but I (and probably others) have grown more apprehensive about D3 the more info that’s been released (and after playing beta), which makes me somewhat wary about spending what is essentially the cost of two games for a single game plus goodies.  Never thought I’d say it, but I have doubts about the game and its appeal and longevity.

    15. it just got available for preorder at my games store here. in switzerland (wog.ch). pretty feisty price tag..

    16. I pre-ordered my CE at Gamestop today, and Best Buy is still selling pre-orders of the CE as well; you have to pay the full price to order online, but you can hold it for as little as $5 at Best Buy.

      • You are crazy because they aren’t sold out, nor will they be. Just because certain places stop taking pre-orders doesn’t mean anything.

    17. Finally, I am on the good side of things! I got mine preordered.

      This might account for all those news saying there are new beta keys sent… Yep, i Keep telling myself there is not that much in that beta after all, I’ve seen about everything in videos anyways.

    18. Same thing happened last year with SC2 CE. They were ‘sold out’ in many places and amazon.co.uk didn’t even have them listed. They put them on for preorder closer to the release date (which for D3 we don’t know yet) and I got my copy on the release date, shipped to Poland from UK. 😀
      So at least in Europe, I wouldn’t worry yet.

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