The D3CE Exclusive Armor Dyes are Just Colors

This issue keeps coming up, so clearly some amount of fans expected more from the special dyes in the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition. On March 24th a fan pointed to images in our DiabloWiki to prove that the special D3CE colors were just renamed from long-standing DiabloWikiarmor dye colors previously called “Rogue” and “Pale.” Then two days later one of the questions in the Fansite Q&A asked if the dyes had any “partial effects,” and we were told that they do not.

This issue came up again on the forums, where a fan quoted the original descriptions of the colors to argue that they should do more than just change the hue. Sparkle like a vampire, perhaps.

…Out of all the colours, they picked Grey and White. Most games have Black as exclusive colours because it’s generally more appealing and fits with any colour. There’s already dyes that are identically, thus, it’s really not making these dyes look exclusive.

Bottled CloudThe words Smoke and Cloud are the most frustrating and misleading part in the quote. Could’ve just said Grey and White. The game isn’t out yet and they can EASILY add a patch or update the data base to add these dyes with some sort of ‘effect’. I believe Blizzard needs to address this, whether they plan on doing something or not.
Bashiok: I apologize if you felt the flavor text implied something specific regarding the dyes. Like all flavor text it’s intended to impart flavor, and not be a literal description of an item’s abilities. Particle effects are one of a few ideas we’ve considered working on for dyes in the future, but they’re not technically possible with the system at current.

Here are the two dye’s flavor text for reference:

Bottled Cloud

  • The gentle wind of the heavens cools the air, infusing the area with a soft glow.

Bottled Smoke

  • An eerie howl emanates from within as creeping shadows spill forth.

I don’t disagree there could be some misunderstanding that the text is implying movement. Comparing to the other dye colors though, and I think it should become apparent that the flavor text is for flavor and not intended to be interpreted literally.

Bottled Smoke“Sailors from Lut Gholein distill the waters of the Twin Seas and apply the bright blue mixture to their sails in order to blend in and avoid detection by pirates.”

“Hunters and bandits alike use the bark of the Gorsenna plant to blend in with the rustic green shadows of the forest.”

Similarly I suppose you could suspect an armor boost or increased chance to dodge with the above two dye descriptions, but dyes are just as you’d suspect, a color change for worn items. We have no current ability for them to be anything but.

The “beige” and “dark gray” colors chosen for the CE dyes are exclusive to the CE. You can’t obtain them elsewhere in the game. Plus, they’re bottomless, which helps to maintain a consistent gear color theme without spending a bunch of gold. That in itself certainly makes them valuable considering the limited nature of CE availability.

I’m not planning to buy the D3CE, I don’t expect to spend much time dyeing my armor, and I’m hyper skeptical of marketing fluff, so this whole controversy is kind of off my personal radar. That said, any credulous reading of the special dye descriptions that Bashiok quoted would have to lead you to expect something more than “infinite doses of beige and grey.” Bashiok’s explanation seems to be that all the armor dye descriptions are wild exaggerations, which may be true, but isn’t likely to be real comforting to people who bought the D3CE in part because they wanted a way to make their characters look really cool and special and different.

On the topic of Armor Dyes, since they were first announced I’ve been expecting special feature dyes, if not in the D3CE, then in some future promotion, or perhaps even sold as DLC. Imagine an Armor Dye that put a flaming, or poison gas, or glowing effect on your gear? Better yet, how about ultra rare dyes (perhaps with a limited duration) that added modifier bonuses, such as a Flaming Dye that made you look like you were burning, while adding fire damage and resistance to your character?

According to Bashiok, such things aren’t even technically possible at this point. Odd they didn’t program that in from the start as it seems an obvious special feature extension, but I guess they had their reasons. Perhaps the D3X:CE will introduce such coolness?

Has a want? Or does that way lie Second Life-style sparklepony nonsense, with characters running around with skeleton or T-Rex or plaid or transparent “skins” on, breaking the game mood entirely?

This topic reminded me of a cool disappearing armor dye video I’ve been meaning to post for a while. This dye was available from an NPC merchant located in the Fields of Misery, the first area “Beyond the Fence” that we briefly saw in the beta a few weeks ago.

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  1. The CE armor dye discriptions are nothing like the discriptions of the “blue” and “green” dyes. The CE dyes imply sparkling and shadow-movements. The blue and green dyes are just blue and green.
    Again, as always, marketing bullshit and lies by the “masters of marketing bullshit”. Good that I didnt order the CE, I would be so pissed now.

    • You seem pretty pissed already. Take a chill pill your sill!  😈

    • CE is still a good investment if you ask me.
      But yeah, the dyes just being black & white is a huge disappointment.

      Now imagine they develop some new shaders for dyes in an expansion: Every new dye will have an awesome effect but your “CE” dye is just a stinkin’ matte color. 

    • I don’t know where you’re getting sparkling out of “a soft glow”…

      In any case, I think it’s pretty obvious that the flavor-text descriptions are describing the bottles themselves, not the effects of the dye on a material. So “creeping shadows spill forth” from your little pot of dye, as a flavor-text clue to the fact that it’s black dye.

      In any case, CE-purchasers already get happy-wings to look special.

    • Here’s a thought:
      The CE dye descriptions are pointing out the bottle itself is magical, hence the infinite uses.

  2. Not that big a deal.  

  3. Heh, would have been an aprils fool joke, if the colors had any meaning, other than being cool looking? 🙂

  4. Yeah, late April Fools! Fire damage from a CE bonus.. nice thinking.

  5. it’s just stupid dyes, same thing like changing armor color in Mass Effect 2, just another 2 extra colors…….and you expected a flaming particle effect? like embers emanating from the armor?

  6. Dyes are just color?! outrageous. The word “dye” immediately comes to me as a flaming vorpal dragon slaying elixir or super power. false advertisement!
    Yesterday my mother told me she dyed her hair and I was like – “it doesn’t even sparkle! you know April fools is over right?”

    • Was there a flavor text description on the tooltip when you mouse over your mom’s hair? If not, then like all analogies on the internet, you have a problem.
      If so, well, I guess it would be your mom that has the problem.

      • I can totally imagine the description of a bottle of hair dye to have something like: “Feel the soft caress of a color as light as a mountain breeze” or somesuch BS.

      • My bottle of Féria from L’Oréal promised me “shimmering”, “multidimensional” hair, and “color that moves you.” There are no sparkling-shimmering particle effects, no apparent support for extra 3d visuals, and the color doesn’t move anything, it just stays still on my hair. I was expecting a cool permanent wind-blown effect. What a rip-off!

        • Oh, so in our world of  Féria from L’Oréal, we also slaughter demons, talk to angels, and can call down meteorites? I guess the expectations for hair dye are abysmally low, then.
          Unless you actually had an expectation that hair dye irl would give you particle effects?

          Do any of you know what an analogy actually is? It’s the internet, of course not. 

          • Yes, we know what analogies are.

            They’re dyes and they were advertised as dyes, not as sparkle-character overhauls. Flavor text describing those dyes shouldn’t be taken to mean that they’re anything more than just dyes, just like how in real life the fluffy advertising jargon used to describe a product shouldn’t be thought of as re-defining the product.

            You might want to argue that, since there wasn’t a known precedent for what dyes in Diablo 3 were capable of, you had reason to expect more from the CE dyes, but that has nothing to do with a bad analogy or with the rest of us supposedly not understanding what an analogy is.

            Pro tip: “Analogy” is a pretty broad category. A flawed analogy still counts as an analogy, and an analogy doesn’t need to line up perfectly for it to be quite valid. You’d be better off pointing out why a particular analogy doesn’t serve rather than trying to sardonically ad-hominem your way out of making an actual argument.

  7. All the regular dyes have the word DYE after their name. The CE versions are called bottled smoke/ bottled cloud. in real life smoke and cloud have similar unique visual characteristics.

    The icons for the bottled cloud and smoke are also misleading, seeming to suggest a particle effect when compared to the regular dyes icon. (check out the dyes page).

    I dont really care as i dont want CE, but it was quite misleading!

    • This guys got it. The flavor text is one thing, but looking at the icons for the dyes, one would assume there’s a special effect attached – if not a particle effect, a glow or something perhaps. I can see why people are a little irked.

      • People aren’t “irked” that there aren’t fancy effects on the dyes. They’re “irked” because the exclusive collector’s edition dye (which some claim that they paid for the CE just for those) are exactly the same as two normal dyes in the game that anyone can have, thus they aren’t really “exclusive”.

        • This is what is killing me. The dyes shouldn’t have particle effects (and they don’t. which is good…) but they shouldn’t be able to be obtained via any other means, we’re paying EXTRA to get something EXCLUSIVE here…

        • No, they took 2 of the previous nomal/everyone can have dye colors and made them the smoke/cloud CE exclusive dye colors. These 2 colors will NOT be available for non CE folks.

    • Amen.  I have no intentions of buying the CE but I always just thought that bottled smoke had the smoke effect like Smoke from Mortal Kombat.

  8. I’m mildly disappointed but not surprised. I was hoping for some particle effect from those dyes (some kind of lingering darkness like a lite version of Shadow Power). Maybe they just didn’t think about it or they are saving this for expansion. I’m buying CE for the soulstone flash drive anyway 😉

    • This guys got it. The flavor text is one thing, but looking at the icons for the dyes, one would assume there’s a special effect attached – if not a particle effect, a glow or something perhaps. I can see why people are a little irked.

  9. Wasn’t that what we didn’t want? Armor that looks like bursting volcanos or landing strips for alien ships just like in wow? Diablo armor dyes should be a colour.

  10. Some people are just never happy. Be happy they didn’t cut dyes to make release date.

    Wait…. doesn’t CE come with big glowing wings as well? That shit wasn’t enough?

    • Apparently not. If you buy the CE your character should basically be one huge cluster of particle effects, with lava and rainbows following in your path in game. The glow should be so bright that it can be seen from several screens away, just so that everyone else in a game with you knows how super cool you are for spending extra money on a computer game.

      And let’s not forget that the real crime behind the D3 chat system is that it doesn’t feature a bring, sparkling avatar for CE-buyers to show off their purchase outside of games.

  11. CE owners still get the wings. That’s what will make them stand out. Me I just want the skull and stuff that comes in the box, I could care less about what comes in the game

    • diito. Reasons I’m getting the CE.
       – D2 included on a 4gb usb drive.
       – soundtrack..this isn’t a big deal to me but nice nonetheless
       – dvd/bluray of making the game.  I’m really interested in this. 
       – book of art work..some of you bought the book of cain for the art…so why not the CE?
      The dyes and wings (and SC2 portrait, and WoW pet…i really don’t care about those) are all just bonus items.  Very easy things for blizz to throw in the CE.  I wasn’t buying the CE for any of those things.

  12. Not sure I want the CE anymore, it won’t be tough to find the soundtrack + making of online. I already own the original Diablos anyway, the only thing that made the CE worthwhile were the in-game stuff like the dies, but I was expecting some kind of cool effect that would really make my characters stand out… oh well

    • Yeah, like a big pair of glowing wings or something. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • So…you were willing to pay an extra $40 for things that made you stand out in game? 😯  You could probably buy a few really good items in the RMAH for $40.  IMO although the CE has some cool stuff, it is not worth an extra $40.  To each his own.

  13. You know I love this community because there will be 7 pages of analysis on armor dye.  Having said that, it would simply be a “cool factor” item if the dyes had particle effects and/or modifiers.  They could keep elemental and maybe have a spiked or thorned dye that gives physical damage.  I think that could keep with the theming of the game.  There were things like that in D2.

    lets just remember, D3 won’t have a billion expansions like other (although if pandaland isnt brand suicide i don’t what is) games.  So when they do an expansion, they will stuff it to the brim with extra little nuggets.  In fact, I won’t be surprised if there is no new class but simply a new act and new trimmings (particle dyes, charms, new items, etc).

    I too have the CE on pre-order and I am currently on the fence whether or not to pick it up on Tuesday. I also pre-ordered a digital so I could run right at the start. This dye news is actually old. I can’t remember where i saw the breakdown but I knew the dyes were 2 stupid, whocaresiftheyareexclusive colors. The wings do nothing for me too. might look ok on the DH. If i see a barb with wings I will be pointing and laughing. just so you know.

  14. It’s color! Nothing else. You get the wings, nice. Buying CE to have some wings and different color on my char? No.

  15. They can just cut off all dye part – i dont give a fuck about it so “…spending a bunch of gold” made me rotfl pretty hard.

  16. I don’t know why Bashiok continues to try to defend this. He doesn’t even have a defense, he just says “the CE dyes are CE-specific” which, well, no kidding, right? But that doesn’t mean anything.

    • Actually, it does mean something. What is there to defend? A bunch of entitled twats got all up in arms over what they perceived.  They lack reading comprehension, Bashiok clarified things for them, and they still piss and moan?  I can’t believe it even got a Blue post.

      • It’s a collector’s edition dye. He’s made numerous posts about this, not just this one.

        The argument is that these two dyes, bottled cloud and smoke, are identical to the rogue and pale dyes (which they are). People asked why these dyes weren’t exclusive to the CE, and Bashiok just says “Bottled Cloud and Bottled Smoke are exclusive collector’s edition items” which is not a defense.
        I don’t know why I had to type all of that out for you. It doesn’t matter if you care about it or not, that doesn’t change the logic behind the argument. 

  17. The dyes are unlimited use and not found anywhere else in the game.  Hope this helps.  Also, there is more to the CE than dyes for your character. 

    I never thought that there would be particle effects because the dye description never said there would be.  Maybe some of the people whining are stupid and can’t read? 

  18. I would hope that no one would order a CE just for the armor dye. If you did then cancel it because people who actually give a damn about the other stuff would most likely want it.

  19. can the CE dyes be sold ???? and if they sold do u lose them forever???

    • Check the linked Q&A for an answer to that exact question. All dyes vanish from items sold through the AH, but remain on items if you just drop them in game, so in theory you could dye a friend’s gear.

  20. Dont forget these Dyes never run out.(they work forever-they are bottomless)
    Other Dyes are just for one use only.
    I would love a smoke or cloud effect but maybe in the xpac.
    At least CE buyers get the Wings.(and i hope the wings are moving just like Tyraels)

  21. I’m pretty sure, most of people knew about dyes, and how they would work, no one ever said about  them adding some kinda animation to the character. It’s been clarified many times, they have rare color ( not to be found in game ) and unlimited use, pretty simple eh?
    It’s very common thing, when people complain just for sake of complaining, it’s in our human nature, but it’s kinda sad at same time, when you see that majority on forums is a whinny, spoiled kids without a Christmas present they thought Santa would defiantly get them.
    Don’t want to believe that D3 community are not so much different from WoW, they killed their own game, don’t let it happened to D3. 

  22. The Dyes dont bring world peace ? Curse You Blizzard !

    Seriously guys: Get a life !

    Btw: Did You know that You can Dye anybody elses gear with them and make some additional profit with it over the years ? 

    Time this game comes out. This complaining over non issues geta out of hand. 

    • I thought Blizz confirmed that dyes were removed upon selling or trading gear.
      Nvm found the post on it. Dyes are removed if put on the AH. Apparently trading or dropping an item does not remove the dye. Well that is how it was last year lol. Lets be honest though. How many people are going to want to hand you their gear to get dyed? Better yet, how many people are going to care enough about grey and white dye to risk being scammed?

      • It doesnt stop you from taking a friends gear and dying it for them and then dropping it on the ground however. Bashiok has already said that is up to the person who has the dyes.

  23. I could care less. I didn’t buy the CE for the Dyes and I am not playing Diablo 3 for the Dyes. It’s just an added bonus to me. So many people are QQing over the Dye mechanics of the game. If you want to customize your characters armor color so bad, there are plenty of Sims, Barbie Fashion and Polly Pocket games you can play. 😈

    • I’m looking forward to the dye system, not to play Barbie Dress Up, but because some of the armor designs look retarded to me.  I hope the clear dye is not really rare, because I’ll want to use a lot of it.

  24. No trading or selling necessary: You dye their gear and drop it. Voila. Item keeps its colour. Also confirmed. Dont ask me where.  

  25. I would be excited if the “exclusive banner sigil” happened to be Bobby’s eyes.

  26. This die stuff just reminds me of the art controversy. As if the the didn’t lack enough darkness, or the original brutalness and horror that it should have. This die seems to me like it just another way of Blizzard to widen the amount of people who people who would play this game. WoW doesn’t bring them enough profit I guess. They have to add fluffyness and pretty colors to every game now. I understand D2 had its comedy and silliness but not it the way it looked. It was all subtle then. 

  27. I didn’t think they were anything other then a change of color.  As a side note, I think the two dyes look great.  In those two pics white looks like polished steal, and smoke looks like unpolished steal.

  28. Come on guys, how much did Diablo cost you in the last 10 years ? Well personnally i’d say 0$.

     So I guess putting 100$ investment in D3 CE isn’t an astronomic fail after all, for a game I’ll surely play another 10 years.

     + I get some damn badass Glowing Angel’s Wings for ALL my chards FOREVER. Dude that’s awesome.

  29. I ordered the CE for the “whole package,” I liked everything on offer, including the dyes. What bugs me about the dyes is that I find it hard to see any difference between the “special” ones and the regular beige and dark gray ones. It just seems lazy. They’re less appealing than most of the normal dyes, like autumn, ranger, cardinal, etc. It would be nice if you could just buy the normal dyes off vendors in-game, with game-gold, so you could quickly customize your look at will. The idea of hunting around for them to pick up off monster drops… well, it doesn’t seem worth the bother. I mean, it’s such a trivial thing already.

    • I think your scenario will happen its just not going to happen right out of the gate.  after a week or 2 there will be a ample supply of dyes.  many won’t want them and will toss them unless of course the gold economy is so strong they can be sold for gold.

    • Dyes are important in that they can make you look unique. Remember in the D2 expac pretty much every sorc looked like sorc ever barb like a barb? Well with dyes and what not even if you are still using the very same optimized gear you don’t have to.

      And if they are monster drops they could be extremely rare. Like a red or black dye that has .000001% chance of dropping making full black gear very expensive and very rare which imho is a good thing because its just one more thing to collect : )

  30. Good thing I did not get the ce, the dyes look horrible.

  31. So with the CE dyes just being almost the same as gray and white dyes. Pretty much I spent an extra $40 for Angelic Wings……? I got ripped off  😐

    • You could just cancel now. And even though I am personally not happy with the dyes I think the wings will more then make up for that.

  32. They should at least be colors that cannot be obtained any other way, the fact that Pale and Rogue exist as the EXACT SAME COLORS it makes these absolutely worthless and not a “CE Worthy” bonus at all 🙁

    • This.  There seemed hardly a difference.  And they werent even popular colors.  if you’re gonna duplicate colors at least make them good ones.  maybe red or black.  I’ll likely dye a ton of stuff a good standard color.  but beige?  I mean WTF is diablo going business casual??  +3 Chinos of Middle Management.  Lame.

      In any event, if anyone wants me to CE-dye anything just ask.  I’m not a scammer, I’m an adult.  Happy to help my peeps.   🙂

      • As per Bashiok:

        “The “beige” and “dark gray” colors chosen for the CE dyes are exclusive to the CE. You can’t obtain them elsewhere in the game.”

        That sort of means  that Rogue and Pale won’t be in the game. 

        • I know, but there is very little difference as evidenced by the pictures and frankly the colors are dumb.  Just saying.  I mean I’ll give them a whirl when I have a moment but I’m thinking it won’t be as good as the colors available to everyone.

          • Black and white colors will likely be in the game, but the CE colors are shades of grey and white so I guess they could be ‘similar’ but not really the same.

            Until I can earn enough gold to customize my look I’ll likely use the dark grey color and my friend the pale white color.

            Still… I couldn’t resist getting the CE for my favorite series. ^_^     

  33.  I’ve been expecting special feature dyes, if not in the D3CE, then in some future promotion, or perhaps even sold as DLC. Imagine an Armor Dye that put a flaming, or poison gas, or glowing effect on your gear? Better yet, how about ultra rare dyes (perhaps with a limited duration) that added modifier bonuses, such as a Flaming Dye that made you look like you were burning, while adding fire damage and resistance to your character?

    HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH. Buying Stuff that actually gives you an advantage directly from Blizzard AND as a DLC.  April ?  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  34. Ha Ha to you if you even care about this news!

  35. That’s a great Idiocracy reference (in the video).

  36. I could gives a rats arse about the in game items to be honest, i preordered the ce for the extra goodies, im not going to use the in game items. ill probably sell it on the rmah or can you even do that?

  37. colors should be “cooler” than whats being offered…lame
    not that I have any personal stake, don’t care about the CE

  38. I agree, why are people lamenting over something that was never promised in the first place.  Particle effects were never implicitly stated, people just assumed (when you assume you make an arse out of yourself).  And it’s not like there’s a city where you can show it off, most people will play alone or with their friends anyways (and after a while, who cares about the dyes… it’s all about the loot).  Id rather play with someone who cares about performance than how they look anyways.  I dont want to hear any \I WAHNTS TO BEEH SPESHULZ!\

  39. Schmeh..I always assumed they were just colors. There was no description describing them otherwise. But the Dye’s addition is not the reason why I am getting the CE. It’s everything else.

  40. i seriously lol at anyone who thought the CE dyes were anything other than a slight off color similar to what their names would describe….

  41. I’ve always looked at this CE (and most others, but not all) as the ‘fluff’ edition. If you like color / ‘show off’ items that don’t really help your character, haven’t already bought D2 (and actually intend on playing it) and like reading/viewing material, be my guest. — If it came with some type of starter set for your character or a legendary to start you off that’s another story! —

    I’m happy with the standard edition myself. I’m not much for reading material or artsy stuff (I purchased the D2 CE back when and wasn’t entirely impressed) & I don’t need show-off items — I’ll let the items I find speak for themselves 🙂

  42. I do agree that Blizzard fabulously sugarcoated the description of the D3CE dyes. But, dissapointed as I may be, as long as the dyes will remain unobtainable, it is a collector’s item for me. Not that a big deal. But yeah, Blizz kinda egged people into thinking and buying the awesomeness of D3CE.

  43. Dyes were never intended to have particle effects, which is why they didn’t program them as such.  They will only give you the option to alter the color scheme on your character.  DIII is all about the items and the development team appear to be following the WoW item arc.  The first epic items in WoW just had better stats, then slowly they started introducing movement and particle effects and now everything epic (and a lot of less than epic) glows, spins, sprouts wings, etc. etc.  They can’t blow their wad at launch, they’re playing the long game.

  44. HA-ha! Your “Ax” body spray also doesn’t make girls flock to you and tear your clothes off.  
    However, I do smell like Figi, and ladies love it.

  45. Bottom line, It was very misleading. I’m getting the CE for the exclusive in game content. I was under the impression that something called “Bottled Smoke” &/or “Bottled Cloud” would indeed have a partial effect, why else call them smoke and cloud?

    Its BS no matter how you slice it, if they knew they where giving us a matt colors to begin with then they where deliberately misleading which makes them greedy dic#hea%s 

  46. I only think this is bull sh*t because blizzard charged extra money to people for this, so everyone who paid for the CE paid money for some butt hole to type Smoke and Cloud. I love Blizzard but this is a slap in the face to some of your fans, and by calling it a “flavor” is a sh*t answer. We are buying digital merchandise to lay here not eat it. Like you haven’t already force fed us enough crap over the last four years.

    I bet the next post will be “I apologize if you felt the flavor text implied something specific regarding the CE. Like all flavor text it’s intended to impart flavor, and not be a literal description. Coincidentally the “Collectors Edition” is just called the “Collectors Edition” for flavor and everyone who bought the regular edition will be receiving everything in the “Collectors Edition.”
    BioWare will change the ending of a game for there fans but Blizzard can’t even make a unique color after misleading someone to pay extra for nothing. What a bunch of BOLOGNA!

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