D3CE Boxes Hitting Stores

A couple of days ago we saw photographic evidence of Diablo 3 boxes in stores, and a few fans commented that they’d only believe it when they saw D3CE boxes. Well, here you go, thanks to Fmulder pointing us to a post on AtomicPC, where they showed a photo from a user who saw a D3CE in an Australian store.

Many fans are wondering if their preorders, from Amazon and other online sources, will arrive the day of the launch, permitting them to start playing at midnight. No one wants to wait for the mail to come the next day, but as of yet there’s been no official word on this. It’s probably nothing Bashiok could even tell us; different retailers have different release schedules, timelines, shipping speeds, etc. We’ll post news on this if/when we hear something useful to pass along.

Speaking of passing along useful news, check out this informative post from SKroo, who says he’s a long time employee of Walmart, and warns that each store will probably receive only a handful of D3CEs, as that’s the usual routine with collector’s editions of hot software offerings.

Blizzard has said that Walmart, Target, and various other brick and mortar retailers are receiving copies of the D3CE to sell first-come-first-served on launch night. As no one knows how many which store will get, and Blizzard never says anything other than, “we print limited amounts” there’s no telling if they’re sold out, if more will be coming in, how many your local store will have, etc.

Perhaps this uncertainty is part of the fun, making any D3CE copies you find feel like a lottery win! (Assuming there aren’t 20 of them sitting on the shelves of every store a month from now, since Bliz actually manufactured a million units, and everyone who bought five of them hoping for a future eBay profit gets to eat that dream like cold oatmeal.)

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    45 thoughts on “D3CE Boxes Hitting Stores

    1. Uooohh! Open it! Shinny shinny!
      Btw…If I have not my CE from amazon after pre-ordering it long ago, confirming it via mail and waiting 3-7 days to deliver it…I kill someone…

    2. Damn this is pretty, if the stores are getting it now hopefully they’ll send it earlier then 14th of May…

      • Amazon recently reminded their customers, who pre-ordered the CE a couple of months ago, to update their address and payment details by 4th of May. So you can guess they knew they’d get it in stock today.
        I would assume they got instructions not to ship the title before 12th of May, as all retailers did. Let’s see who those black sheep are who don’t mind pleasing their customers and saving some storage charge/work in the process by shipping right away. ;D

        • Aw, they should have said 11th, since 12th is a Saturday and I highly doubt retailers are gonna fork the extra cash to ship on a Saturday…  🙁

    3. I live in Australia and I can confirm there are NO CE boxes left. I’ve asked at about 25 stores in my city and they’ve all said they sold out at least 2 months ago. thank god I managed to score mine 2 months ago on Amazon, and a secret admirer ordered a second one for me lol. you can have the spare one for the same price of one I saw on Ebay a little while ago. I believe it was around $3000

      • Or you can just buy it on amazon where there’ll be very little markup from people like you who think they will make a profit. :p

        I’m buying the CE so I don’t have deathwing on the front of the box. We’ll be seeing this puppy unboxed soon by someone who got it early from amazon, which is how it always happens. It’s usually a European or Australian and always a few days before release.

        • hey don’t look at me, wasn’t my idea to have a second CE for myself. just goes to show what people think will charm your pants off literally. ain’t a whore, as if! whores get paid, I’m a slut, I do it for free.

          I wouldn’t wanna receive it earlier than usual actually. I look to avoid the release week server congestion aka massive server fail ala open beta weekend. I survived 4 years, 1 extra week of waiting won’t kill me

    4. Tell to everyone that the Collector edition is limited and you could be sure that everything will be sold. That’s a brilliant marketing strategy.

    5. I recently contacted amazon.co.uk about if I would still recieve a copy of the CE even thought it is ‘Currently Unavailable’ on their site. (I ordered it the day after the release announcement).

      In the reply I was told that I would be getting the CE, and that it is due to be shipped to me on the 12th of May 🙂

      I ordered with 1st Class delivery so hopefully I’ll have it in time! 

      • I ordered it at amazon.co.uk on March and it’s due to be shipped to me on the 14th of May =S. I’m not from UK so I have no 1st Class delivery, only 2-3 and standard 3-7. Standard it’s free, priority express cost about 25€…so its free to me.

        BTW £63.78.

    6. I did preorder my CE a while ago. But as i ask my retailer when the box will arrive. They told me that the box will be send out @ 11 May so i should get it on the 14 May so the ppl can start @ midnight. Well on there Website the still write send out on 14 May arrive @ the customer on the 15 May. So i guess i just have to hope the guy told me the right.

    7. quote: “No one wants to wait for the mail to come the next day”

      Oh boy those “developed countries”… I remember that time when document pack sent via Russian Post First Class (!) to Moscow (also means some priority) was sticking in sender city “sorting” for kinda six days…

    8. I don’t know why they couldn’t ship these ahead of time, it’s not as though we can play anyways since installing requires files to be downloaded from the server and that will only be possible when it unlocks at X time. This would give time for folks to make sure they have the game for launch whether they bought the digital or boxed copy.
      I’m getting the CE and I don’t mind being 1-2 days late to the party but it would be fun to get them shipped before (not that Blizzard could do anything about it either)

      • Blizzard has great distribution channels now because Activision has great distribution channels. They have to produce and ship large quantities of boxed product, and they likely had to wait to press the discs or to print the manual to make sure everything was current. IE, the manuals shouldn’t say anything about the mystic or PVP. They’re moving at a great pace when you consider how many copies they need to make that need to be distributed over the entire Earth.

        • True, but you know the Mystic and PvP were ruled out months before we got a public announcement of their fate.

    9. A nice lady from GameStop UK said as I asked for express delivery I should get my CE on the 15th. Fingers crossed that’s true!

    10. Just be warned, do not change or alter the shipping address you have in their system.  I did that and lost my release date shipping option.  I still have my order for the CE in there but am not scheduled to get it till the 17th!!!

    11. ah, nothing to worry about 🙂 digital edition – here i come :))))))))))

    12. Somebody please take a copy and let the smart people on this website get to the data mining.  PLEASEEEEE. I’m probably falsely assuming that the juicy content is on the disc and not in the 0-day patch. 

      Dorjan, Risingred, you know what to do.

      • TBH I wouldn’t if I had a copy. I’ll leave that up to others, I’ve spoiled enough.

    13. Question if I pre-ordered the CE from Gamestop and I will NOT be attending the midnight release and they only get a set amount of copies would I still be able to get my CE copy on the 15th or could they possibly sell out on the pre-order of the CE? Such as over selling the pre-orders.

      • I would assume that they will allocate stock to cover all of the pre-orders that they have and only sell off the remaining stock that they do have.  

        I’d be super pissed if I show up on the 15th early in the morning and have them say “Sorry, you should have been here last night because we sold out…”  🙂

         But you could always call them and find out for sure.  Thats the safe bet.

      • I can’t tell you for sure, but Gamestop sold me 2 Bioshock CEs (the awesome one with the big daddy figurine) that they were holding for other customers!  Just terrible! I hope someone doesn’t snag your copy.

        In this case it wasn’t so much the logistics of the CE orders made vs. sales, it was poor ethics on the part of the guy working the register.

        • Well I have to work the next day.  I will just snag the copy at the midnight release and run home go to bed then work for 15 hours and come home to my safe and sound diablo CE.

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