After some other comments about irrelevant issues, Bashiok hinted at chat channels for D3 on B.net in a forum post today.

    I dont know who is making decisions up there but it seems like the wow and sc2 teams are making bad decisions regarding their games… I hear 4.0 has ruined all melee classes damage and buffed all casters, idk how this how come to be? Also i just remembered how SC2 dev team left out chat channels???? How did they decide on that. I really hope D3 has chat channels or this game will not sell as many copies and players will be furious.

    Heh, well 4.0.1 was essentially a complete overhaul of all classes, introduction of new resource mechanics, changes to glyphs, removal or conversion of many stats, those stat changes translating to enchants, gems, and items. It’s a huge amount of work for class balance. If it were perfect out of the gate that would be worrying, as certainly some foul magics must be at work.

    Regarding chat channels, they weren’t a launch feature but are indeed coming, and the tech will be there and waiting for Diablo III, I’m sure.

    I guess this is a good thing? We’ll have to see the format of the chat once they get it working in SC2, and if they’ve got some tools to stop the spamming that’s ruined all public D2 chat channels, but with those B.net technological advances they’re always talking about, things should be good?

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