A pair of Diablo 3 videos today, as “where did the beta go?” withdrawal is beginning to set in. The first is something the poster is calling a world record Diablo 3 Beta speed run. I don’t know who kept track of such things; in theory that would be someone like me, but after some of those early 19-minute new char runs, I lost interest in the rush rush beta thing.

    At any rate, four guys with level 13 chars cleared the whole beta, from start to Leoric, in 9:26. World record or not, it’s an entertaining video to see the sorts of tricks and tactics this requires. The team is 2 Demon Hunters (essential for their Vault speed) and 2 Monks, and while they aren’t perfect in strategy or level spawn luck, they do pretty well.

    There are a lot of tricks, mostly involving taking turns moving fast, splitting up at the right times, knowing which barriers are going to open when various quests are completed, etc. For instance, the DHs Vault to the Tristram gates at the start, while the Monks plod along behind. When the first rush of zombies is killed the first DH Vaults into town to talk to Leah, while the second DH waits at the gate, to Vault along Old Tristram Road the second the wagon crumbles. The first DH stays in town, letting her Discipline regenerate, and banner teleports to the second DH a moment later, just when her Discipline is out, thus passing the Vaulting baton. This sort of thing goes on throughout the movie, with the guys talking over headsets so they can split up and hit all 3 crypts at once, so players can banner in from town to explore each fork they find Cathedral Level 2 and 4, etc.

    Though the party would be better with 3 DHs, and one of them in this game is hobbled by not having the DiabloWikiTactical Advantage passive speed boost, their overall coordination is quite good. I don’t know if this is the record or not, but it’s certainly not going to be beaten now, so congrats to the rushers. Watch it and see for yourself.

    Click through for another video, recorded by Risingred in a D3 emulator. In it he shows off a lot of high level skills and runes for all five classes. It’s actually pretty spoilery, so if you want to see some of those effects with your own eyes, you might want to skip this one.

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