As they did two weeks ago, Bashiok is promising a D3 website update this week, on Thursday.

    We’ll have another website update this Thursday too, and we might find out what was in the cage.

    Last time we got 4 new screenshots, 4 new pieces of concept artwork, and the Dune Thresher monster was revealed. This week we’ll apparently get to find out a bit more about the Dune Thresher—or at least we’ll see what was the screeching creature in the cage that calls the Dune Threshers to the surface? Here’s the relevant quote.

    And then I heard the screeching. Burroughs had retrieved a large object, a cage of some kind, covered with a black tarp. This cage was the source of the hellish emanations. Thick ropes hung down from somewhere deep beneath its dark shroud. “That’s not far enough,” he said. As if to prove his point, he shook the cage he was holding. Ever viler screams shot forth, cutting through my head like cold, sharp blades. But they were nothing to the sound I heard next – the deathly churning of sand that heralded the arrival of the thresher.

    “Their sound riles a thresher up something fierce. Better get them into the sand before we have company up here.” With that, he tore the cover off the cage. The shock of seeing what was contained within overwhelmed me immediately. Everything seemed to wash together in a kind of bland, sickening grayness, and my knees buckled.

    As some players speculated, it sounds like the screecher will be seen in the game. Picture your character fighting through a sandy, desert area, and some sort of bird (?) appears, flying around, diving at you, and screeching until you’re nearly driven mad by the sound. Worse than the noise is the knowledge that powerful Dune Threshers will be drawn to its cries. Whatever “it” is. Hopefully we’ll find out later this week.

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