There weren’t any Diablo 3 machines on display at last weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo, but there were Blizzard reps on hand, and a guy from Skewed and Reviewed had a quick conversation about D3 with one of them. (Not DiabloWikiBashiok, apparently.) The report contains nothing we didn’t already know, and the guy is under the impression that the max game size in D2 was just 4 (which was true of D1, so maybe he’s just really old school), but if you’re itching for something semi-new about D3, check it out.

    DiabloWikiHealth orbs after kills. In one of the most interesting changes to the series, the roles of DiabloWikipotions will be changed. They will no longer be as abundant as they previously were. Instead, gamers will collect health from fallen foes to replenish health. This will allow for more action as injured players will have to face off and defeat enemies to gather needed health.

    Potions. While there will be potions in the game as mentioned, they will be rarer and of a more special nature. The goal is for players to have less resource management in combat as having to click away from enemies and arrange and click toolbars in combat is to be avoided as much as possible.

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