The sourcing on this one doesn’t even rise to the level of “rumor,” but it’s gotten enough Diggs to show up in some gaming news feeds. So here it is. Battleforums is citing an anonymous source who hints, without any explanation, that SC2 is being delayed and D3 will be released first.

    DiabloWikiStarcraft 2 is still being worked on, but only by a minuscule amount of people compared to what DiabloWikiBlizzard put on the Diablo 3 team.

    It’s unlikely Blizzard will bother to refute this, so if you’re wondering, there’s no evidence for it. There are a lot of people on the D3 Team, but there are a lot on the SC2 team also, and according to our resident SC2 experts, production of that game has not been slowed or delayed. By everything we’ve heard from Blizzard guys, SC2 is well ahead of D3 in its development cycle, and the D3 Team has frequently said the new Battle.net 2.0 features should debut with SC2, which clearly means that game will be released before D3.

    But hey, making up (or debunking) rumors is a good way to fill the news on a slow weekend. *cough*

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