D3 PTR is Up and Down

If you were hoping for an update on the Diablo III Patch Test Realm after it went up Friday, crashed from heavy load, and remained down all weekend… here it is. From a Blizzard CM, Monday afternoon.

Looking for an update with a date ๐Ÿ™‚
Lylirra: No status update to share at the moment, but as soon as there is an update, we’ll be sure to provide it in this thread. We’re still working through some issues which affect the # of players who can be logged in to the PTR at the same time, and we’d like to get those resolved before we bring everything back up.

Lylirra: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7155881/

We’ll keep that top line updated with the current status of the PTR. ๐Ÿ™‚

It appears that the problem isn’t with the patch itself, but that the Bliz techs greatly underestimated the demand for a D3 PTR, so the number of players trying to get on overloaded the capacity, and they’re still trying to catch up 4 days later. Insert Error 37 joke here?

Update: The b.net page was updated an hour ago to say the PTR is online.

Update 9/22/12 4:30 p.m. PDT: PTR status is online.

So they say. I can’t get on, though. Tried three times just now, each time it pauses for about 30s after I enter my authenticator code, then I get a pop up that says I’ve been disconnected from the Battle.net service. They’re still working on it, at least?

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31 thoughts on “D3 PTR is Up and Down

  1. The game is dead…noone plays it anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love D3 but i cant be bothered downloading the whole client just to try 1.05…im suprised that there are that many people who would download the huge client just to test the patch. Will they be able to use the same client for future patches?

    • ditto about the big client. I wanted to try the patch out but got discouraged with the large download and the whole hassle… Whatever, I’ll just enjoy the final thing.

      (yay, can finally log in on this site!)

  2. Will Bill Gates or someone please donate ~$10 million to Blizzard, since apparently they don’t have the resources (see: lol) to get server hardware capable of handling more than 5 people across the world trying to log in at once?

  3. They should have thought ahead to set up a queuing system so that way they could have their maximum that they thought and then everyone else can stand in line, instead of no one being able to get on just getting disconnects.

  4. hmh, too many players, eh? I thought nobody should be left playing. Ah, I know, Blizzard lied about the # of players just to create hype.

  5. what worked for me was to load the game, change language to french in options, login type /leave in chat to get out of general chat. load your characters from the live server, change to english in options,try to login. If you get the same disconnect. change it back to french login type /leave again, and then change it back to english. Of course changing languages forces you to download the language pack all you need is for it to be playable.

    It worked for me. It doesn’t seem to just be server overload that’s causing the issues.

  6. It appears to be a bug with the chat interface causing the disconnects. Following the advice of Genocides works. it just needs to be playable, log in, leave chat, and then switch back to english. It will restart the client but without the chat, allowing you to not be insta DC’d. You don’t want to join the chat once your in either as it will cause you to have to go through it again. Thanks G.

    • sometimes you might have to change the language and leave general after copying characters so just be mindful of that.

    • And how are you supposed to leave chat when it instantly disconnects you, leaving you absolutely zero chance to do anything else? I log in, it brings me to character creation and IMMEDIATELY disconnects me. No chat option or anything. Changing to another language had no effect.

      • If you read the other post instead of trolling you’d know that the issue for most is the general chat in english for some reason. So if you join the game in another language and leave general chat you can then switch back to english and be fine.

        • I’ve tried this multiple times, and nothing works. I still get automatically disconnected as soon as I log in, whether it be in French or English.

        • I know that. I did exactly as you said. Why else would I say it didn’t work. I’m not trolling, I’m telling people your trick isn’t working for me. How about paying attention to what was written jackass.

  7. @Flux: offtopic, but have you heard of R.A.W. (Reals of Ancient War)? Looks like D1 (warrior + wizard + rogue anyone?) with updated gfx. Seems more action than RPG though.

  8. Quote:

    “It appears that the problem isnโ€™t with the patch itself, but that the Bliz techs greatly underestimated the demand for a D3 PTR, so the number of players trying to get on overloaded the capacity…”

    Oh and wasn’t D3 “dead” with no players around then ???

    :)) I was surprised even yesterday there were 1000 + new public groups forming every minute and this the same night as WoW launched in EU …

    Imagine 1000 newly open groups forming every minute… in just one region.

    That’s the equivalent of 1000 newly spawned dungeons in WOW, every fucking minute.


  9. Let’ say it is the disadvantage of having just one server(cluster) per region…

    Probably still around 1.000.000 players on one server cluster is massive. Of course they can’t log on on a small test server without clustering.

  10. I have been playing most of the night. Logged on a few times with no trouble except for the client getting stuck on the initializing stage of booting. That happens to me on the Americas server too though.

  11. Was able to log in and play, but grenades are completely non-functional so I have no way to effectively test anything. Too bad – seemed like multiple changes will be good for a tank DH.

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