Diablo 3 Patched and Dupe (?) Method Fixed and Patch 1.0.7

A quick patch tonight with brief but interesting patch notes. The US realm is now offline and is estimated to remain down until 11am Tuesday morning while this patch is published to the realms. Here’s the patch notes:

Diablo III DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.6 – v.


We will soon begin limited testing on minor updates to Battle.net’s communication and login functionality. Patch 1.0.6 includes some of the data for this testing, but please note that the changes will not be visible to players or impact your play experience in any way. For more information, please see this blog post.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the one-second trade timer when exchanging items via the Trade window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the same item to occasionally drop for players using Threatening Shout with the Grim Harvest rune
  • We’d lately heard rumors about a tricky but functional duping method that Blizzard had been tracking for some time. Apparently they found it.

    There was also a snippet on the incoming Patch 1.0.7:

    DiabloWikiPatch 1.07

    Patch 1.0.7 is planned to be a larger patch than 1.0.6, and will contain much more than just bug fixes. Many of the changes we’ve discussed in these forums recently are currently scheduled for 1.0.7, and we are looking forward to sharing more details with you concerning it in the coming weeks. 🙂

    We’re not quite to the point where we’re prepared to delve into the details surrounding patch 1.0.7 and what’s being included just yet. We’re still busy working behind the scenes on a variety of changes, and we want to ensure which changes will be making it into patch 1.0.7 before we formally announce anything.

    Hang in there, we have some good stuff on the way!

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    25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patched and Dupe (?) Method Fixed and Patch 1.0.7

    1. Not sure if this is related, but the prices of gems on europe have been going up over the last few days, and radiant star emeralds are now cheaper to craft yourself rather than buy on the auction house.

    2. Autumn steam sale is on…

      Bastion is just a few bucks for just a few more hours. Torchlight II is half-off, and that’s probably just for today.

    3. I’m sorry, was duping not an issue that needed to be fixed??

      I do agree though, this should be 1.05a or something

      • Is it really “duping” if its two of an identical random item dropping?

        I dont really think the term applies in this context as the chances of getting a good item that dropped in 2s… well what the hell are the chances of a good item ever dropping?

        I had not heard of anyone doing this, affected by it, or that even knew of it aside from seeing double copies of some crappy rares in public channels… hardly duping. Certainly not game breaking. Same can be said of this trade chat thing. Weak is their sauce.

        • If you or I have heard of this bug, then it be too late. Always good to get rid of it sooner rather than later.

    4. Hope Blizzard start a new realm for people who like to start on servers with a fresh economy. Should really do this as often as ladder resets in D2 when D2 peaked.

      • I’m expecting they’ll do something like this when the new expansion comes out, because the economy clearly needs it.

    5. i bet they just figure since 1.1 is supposed to be pvp, they need to hurry up and use version numbers. it is certainly odd tho.

    6. But But But I thought having the game be online only would get rid of the duping and botting found in diablo 2? What was the real reason then?

    7. Seems like a couple worthwhile fixes that will only help the game, and possibly make it a “little” harder for the the exploiters to profit.

    8. What I don’t get is, when blizzard released D3, everyone knew what they were getting. No PvP, hardass Inferno mode, no skill tree, etc.. You still bought the game. But you keep on complaining about not having this.. or that.

      NO company in the world give out free stuff. Why should Blizz? If you wanted PvP, skill tress and whatnot, you should not have bought the game (not counting the few that preordered).

      Kids need to grow up.

      • The people that have been following the game since Diablo 1, that were told that PvP would be patched in (within a few months if I remember correctly) bought the game on the knowledge that the first two games had PvP enabled and had already seen a nearly working demo from a whole year previous.
        I didn’t really see PvP as a main objective in d2, as I found the way that i could be hostiled against my will annoying. That being said, the arena idea appealed a lot more as i could choose when to do it, and it could be end game for people who reached 60.
        This “free stuff” that blizzard would be giving if they patched PvP in, is (in my opinion) finally finishing the game off so that it’s complete.
        I know it’s been a running joke, but this Beta test has gone on for long enough now.

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