D3 Patch Test Realm Offline for the Weekend

The D3 PTR went online Friday morning and was playable some of the day, but as more and more players tried to get on, technical issues ensued. Logging in and staying logged in became very difficult Friday evening, and finally the techs pulled the plug, with Lylirra sent to deliver the bad news.

We will be bringing the PTR offline for the weekend in order to troubleshoot issues affecting PTR account creation, character creation, and login. While this is only public test (the first for Diablo III) and uneven game performance is expected, we want to make sure that the experience is as smooth and stable as possible. It’s going to take some extra work on our end to make that happen, and the PTR will need to be offline while we make our updates.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted reports about the problems you experienced. We’ll be working diligently over the next few days to resolve as much as we can and get the PTR back online so you can test and provide feedback on patch 1.0.5.

Oh Diablo 3… why won’t you let me love you? So, it’s back to Torchlight 2, then. Or I could just play regular v1.0.4 Diablo III, I suppose…

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    26 thoughts on “D3 Patch Test Realm Offline for the Weekend

    1. Silly question: if I copy a character to my PTR account, the original one I play with won’t disappear, right?

    2. It won’t disappear! You won’t be able to keep any progress/items you get on Ptr either when its over (char might get saved for future PTRs but who cares about that).

    3. I won’t play on the public test realm (because it doesn’t w… nevermind)because I don’t have a lot of playtime and I really every couple hours of progress.

      I’ll head to the official forums to read some raging posts later, but I was looking for info yesterday and couldn’t find any “test results” threads.

      Anyone found them?

      • There don’t seem to be many around. The impression that I’ve gotten is that most of the people that actually managed to get on didn’t get much play time in. I never made it past the insta-disconnect immediately after log-in.

        I have seen a few posts mixed in here and there, though. Given, we’re talking about an extremely small sample size, but the one thing I’ve seen mentioned in nearly every one is that Monster Power 10 is WAY harder than most people assumed it would be. I know that’s not much to go on, but it’s something at least.

        • I’ve noticed your comments lately and you’ve been super helpful all around, so thanks for that! Do you know if anyone determined exactly how much bonus one gets to EXP, MF and GF per Monster Power level? Is it a numerical amount displayed in the character sheet?

          • The bonus to MF and GF is 25% per Monster Power level, for a maximum bonus of 250% to MF and GF that can stack past the 300% MF/GF limit.
            The experience bonus isn’t linear, and it maxes at 160%. I checked the first 4 Monster Power levels and they each gave a 10% bonus. The fifth level gave 15%, and extrapolating from that I think the bonus increase goes something like: 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 15%, 15%, 20%, 20%, 25%, 25%. I didn’t have time to make sure, but it seems likely.

          • Katniss- Thank you for the kind words. It’s always unexpected and pleasant to read something complimentary about yourself.

            Obviously your question has already been answered. One of MengNa’s posts is actually where I got the heads up when the PTR first went live. Seemed to be way ahead of most folks on that, and if I remember correctly, actually made it on for at least a couple of hours, so I have no doubt that those numbers are correct. MengNa’s posts have honestly been kind of the go to source on actual PTR experience thus far for me, as I never made it past the insta-kick.

            MengNa- I was actually a little shocked when I saw the numbers in your post. I don’t know what exactly I was expecting on the MF/GF side (probably something more like what you said the +XP is), but 25% per MP level seems… huge. I don’t do a ton of MF, but if I’m remembering everything correctly, that would put the max possible MF at 625% (300% from Gear/Paragon + 250% from MP 10 + 75% from NV) due to NV and MP bonuses both stacking above the cap. Or I am off on something in there? (I would imagine it would be incredibly difficult to keep your NV stacks running at MP 10, though.) I doubt I’ll spend much, if any, time above MP 4 or 5, so I’ll never see anything near those kind of numbers. I’ll probably end up using it more as an excuse to use less and less MF gear personally.

            Anyway, thanks for posting those numbers. I’m now even more eager to see how this system is going to play out. Just out of curiosity, what class or classes did you get to try out in the time that you had in PTR? I’m assuming at least one was under Level 60 to get the +XP numbers. Were they brand new level 1s created in the PTR, or did you copy existing chars? If you copied, am I right in assuming that the gear you are wearing, and only that gear, is copied into PTR? Notice anything particularly interesting that you haven’t posted about yet?

            OK, I’ll stop with the questions now. Thanks again for taking the time to give the less fortunate among us some of the 1.0.5 info goodness. I know it will be back up… umm, should be back… err, might be… [sigh]…has some chance of being back up tomorrow. But yeah, I’ll take any info I can get at this point.

            • I actually only played level 60 characters in the PTR, so obviously the patch notes are incorrect and the experience bonus isn’t only for levels 1-59. For now I’m assuming that the experience bonus for levels 1-59 is the same, but it might be different.
              From what I know the 625% max overall bonus to MF/GF is right, although I seriously doubt anyone can farm efficiently at MP 10.
              I played my DH for a few minutes, but mostly played with my Wizard to see how the reduction in difficulty felt. Act 3 with no MP level felt easier, but still far from facerolling easy with just decent equipment.
              Also, as Blizzard said, the defensive skills nerf was unnoticeable, at least with Prismatic Armor.
              About the character copying, once you are logged on you have to create a new character, and then when you’re in the main menu (where you can enter a game or change the quest) there’s a button on the top right corner where you select the realm your account it on, and it copies your account over completely – all of your characters, stash, inventory, items and even profile. The only thing it didn’t seem to copy was the achievements which were disabled when I played and the friends list.
              From what some people said on the chat, it seems that the copying process works by copying over your account’s most recent restore point, so if you played after that point any progress won’t copy over to the PTR. IIRC Blizzard creates those restore points daily, so as I didn’t play for a day before the PTR went live I had all of my progress copied over.
              I stayed on the general chat channel while playing, so I actually heard a few interesting things. One was that people seemed to be finding more legendary items than usual, one person actually found 2 within about 30 minutes. It might have just been the RNG playing with peoples mind, but I’m hoping that it’s an actual change to drop rates.
              Some people were trying out Monster Power 10, and only those with extremely well equipped items were able to play it, but even for them it took ages to kill stuff. Someone found an elite pack with the extra health affix, and they had 67 MILLION HP!
              Most people seemed to like the 4-5 setting which provided a nice difficulty bump but was still playable for a decently equipped character, and from personal experience I can say that level 3 felt a bit harder than how it is now in 1.04.
              Something people should note is that the Monster Power system is NOT active by default, and you have to turn it on in the options like elective mode. A LOT of people, and I mean A WHOLE LOT of people kept asking how to change the MP level in the general chat.
              The changes to the AH were great, especially the ability to look for similar items.
              The changes to the chat were also pretty good, I could finally set the font to a legible size and you can now set different font colors for different sources (whispers, specific chat room, in game notification etc etc).
              Opening resplendent chests was fun again, as with 5 NV stacks it popped just like it used to before they were nerfed. It also felt like a nice bonus that it refreshed my NV.
              Overall I must say that this patch is looking very good, and I can’t wait for the PTR to go back up so I can play some more.

            • MengNa- Whoa! Thanks for taking the time to share all that. There was a ton of useful info in there.

              Of course, the part that stuck out the most to me was the bit about MP giving +XP above 60, despite what the patch notes said. Since you experienced it for yourself in the PTR, as you said, the patch notes must be incorrect. So I decided to go back and read the patch notes again to see if I could figure out what was going on. I found something interesting when I did that.

              It turns out that the patch notes actually do not say that players at level 60 don’t get +XP. Here’s the exact quote:

              “With this system, players can choose to increase the health and damage of monsters according to different ‘power levels’ and in return they’ll receive scaling bonuses to experience (for heroes levels 1-59) as well as boosts to Magic Find and Gold Find (for heroes in Inferno) which will stack above the 300% cap.”

              Everyone took that to mean “+XP for levels 1-59 and +MF/GF for level 60s”.

              It can also just as easily be read to mean “players will receive just +XP if they are level 1-59, and +XP as well as +MF/GF if they are at level 60.” Considering that you experienced the +XP yourself at level 60… it looks like people are freaking out about that for absolutely no reason.

            • I think it’s safe to assume that you’re right πŸ™‚
              Blizzard should be a bit more careful with how they word the patch notes in the future πŸ™‚
              I wonder what’s taking them so long to bring the PTR back up…

            • I actually just posted a more clearly explained and detailed version of that last post over in ‘General Discussion’ so that more people could find it (instead of it being kind of buried in this thread). When I went to grab a link for the original Patch Notes on battle.net, I came across a reworded version of them in a blue post that confirms that we will be getting +XP on level 60s. I don’t have the b.net link handy at the moment, but it’s quoted and linked in the post linked below:


              Yeah, they definitely need to be a little more clear with their wording/phrasing. There were quite a few people who were pretty bent out of shape over the prospect of not getting +XP for Paragon leveling from MP. In the couple minutes I spent on the official forums chasing down that link there seemed to be a fairly decent sized s**t-storm brewing over it. But then again, that’s pretty much the norm over there.

              As for the PTR still being down… I don’t get it either. I can see how they might have gotten overwhelmed by the initial response, kind of like those first couple of days after release. That blue post up on the homepage about ‘the number of players logged in at once’ pretty much suggests that… but it’s been three days now. How can they keep under-estimating demand by that much?

              I honestly think there is a disconnect over one particular issue that keeps manifesting itself in different ways: They seem to think that the overall player base is far more casual than I have always assumed Diablo players to be. I could definitely be wrong about that… but I don’t think so. Everything about this game caters directly to people’s underlying obsessive nature. I’m sure there are a lot of casual players. I just think that a sizable chunk of the people still playing are more hardcore about it than they think. That would certainly explain why they keep getting overwhelmed so badly.

      • My first thought was similar, what was the point of officially launching the test realm when it’s offline all weekend. Maybe to steal some of TL2’s thunder? But what benefit is it to Blizzard to do this? There’s no monthly fee, everyone who has any interest in ARPGs has already purchased D3. What financial benefit is it Acti/Blizzard to discourage players from playing TL2? More playing = more money from RMAH? Are that many players buying gear through the RMAH?

        • I tend to favor KingMofo’s idea. It seems overly cynical, and fairly unrealistic to assume that Blizzard was trying “to sabotage” TL2. Say what you will, but they’re not so delusional that they believe a test patch would outdraw a new release.

          If you lean towards a more negative view, you could probably make a pretty good argument that they may have been trying to lure players back in… which would in essence be drawing some players away from TL2. But that is much closer to a survival strategy, rather than straight up sabotage. There is an important distinction there.

          As for the PTR being down, I’m pretty bent out off shape about it too. Especially after the massive, snail-like download and about 574 log-in attempts that just got insta-kicked. But then again, it is a TEST version of a patch, that went up on the Public TEST Realm rather than on the actual game itself. Can you imagine the heyday the “Blizz Sucks” crowd would have if this happened when the patch actually went live? If I were to attempt to answer that my “Q” key would disintegrate.

          And before one of you chimes in, no I am not so naive as to deny that Blizzard probably rushed the PTR and patch a bit in order to make a little noise and draw some attention to there own game this weekend. But once again, that sounds more like survival instincts than sabotage.

          • Damn it.. “their” not “there” in that last paragraph. Sorry, I’m kind of OCD on that (just for myself, I couldn’t care less when other people do it).

            And by the way, whoever finally fixed the log in on this site… bless you. That was getting annoying.

            • I wouldn’t say “sabotage” but I don’t think the rushed patch notes (first time ever well in advance of a patch?) and the clearly not ready for primetime PTR going up the day that TL2 launches is entirely a coincidence. Blizzard has done the same thing with WoW patches in the past; pushing out a big new content thing the day SWTOR or some other MMOs launched.

              Other gaming companies and business in other industries do it as well; probably nicer to think of it as re-staking a claim on your customer’s attention than trying to screw over a competing product.

    4. Playing TL 2 ? , really ?

      Those graphics look as if they were made in 1999 and that content design … LOL someone should say to these 2 ex Blizzard programmers, dungeon rooms … need to be destructable and dynamic in 2012.

      So IF you want to push another product against Diablo 3 at least do it with better graphics, better engine and the newest design techniques.

      Dressing up a static art pig with items is not going to make the grade.

    5. For me, mechanics and gameplay is always more important than graphics and fanciful breakable stuff. While falling roofs, collapsing walls and breakable room does feel exciting the first time you see it and makes the game look polished, slowly those gave way to well-implemented mechanics and gameplay.

      Torchlight 2 has decent graphics; not cutting edge, but decent enough. It’s not like it’s some type of ASCII rogue-like and even people have a blast with that too. Also, stuff are in Torchlight 2 breakable, there are vine bridges that grow across chasms, exploding statues, doors that swing open…Diablo 3 doesn’t feature that much of a dynamic environment anyway. I have always wonder why I can’t blast the locks leading to the mill open with a couple of well-placed meteor

      Destructible environments in an AARPG is more icing on the cake, really.

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