Mercifully, Bashiok visited the Battle.net forums, and Blizzard’s Diablo Twitter feed returned to life, giving us a chance to sneak in some Diablo 3 content between our ceaseless Torchlight coverage. (I played an hour last night. It’s hella fun.)

    Here’s an exchange of Tweets on D3’s item display colors:

    Diablo: Working on updating rare/champion monster visualizations and colors to help distinguish them a bit better.

    nukesniper: Speaking on colors, is loot going to switch to the WoW color system? Instead of white,blue,yellow,gold (green)?

    Diablo: No, but Diablo II used orange, yellow, AND gold for item quality colors. Those are a bit too close so some will change.

    And on the Battle.net forums, Bashiok did some explaining to a poster confused about the narrator’s voice in the D3 intro cinematic. I doubt this is news to anyone reading here, but the most casual fans on Battle.net tend to be less up to speed on the story and NPCs in D3.

    Based on the only real cinematic so far (the official cinematic trailer) can we deduce that the narrator throughout the game will be the girl presented in it?

    Bashiok: You may not.

    If so, do we know her true identity at this point?

    Bashiok: It’s DiabloWikiLeah, and nothing is known about her except that she knows DiabloWikiCain and was said to be worried about him while he was trapped in the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral.

    Bashiok made another plot-related post in his only forum appearance last week. It’s a fairly minor post, but just in case you missed it:

    Well, i was just wondering why the barb was the only class to “suvive” the destrucion of the world stone. Also how did he lose all his gear and skills?

    Bashiok: The barbarian surely wasn’t the only one to survive. Cain was there as well, and he obviously made it off the mountain – rickety legs intact.

    Tyrael did give fair warning before destroying the worldstone, so I’m sure there were others that escaped with their lives.

    But not Larzuk. That dude is dead.

    Pity. I’d always hoped that Larzuk survived and followed his dream; moving south to mend spears on the Amazon islands.

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