Diablo 3 is Most Anticipated

Diablo is on every site’s list of Most Anticipated Titles for 2012, and HolyKnight points us to today’s example from Digital Trends. Their quote is funny, (incorrect, but funny) especially the update, so here you go:

“……this game will come out this year. It will come out this year. It has been a long, long, long wait since Diablo 2 came out way back in 2000. Two wars have been waged. Puppies have grown into dogs and lived full lives. Millions of Californians have been married and divorced just in time for one party to avoid paying half their worth to the other. It’s been a long time, and still we don’t have a genuine release date. But take heart, faithful Diablo fans, it is looking more and more like Diablo 3 will be out soon. It may also be on the way for consoles, but the wait on that could be even longer. Blizzard has suggested a Q1 release for the PC version, and there are other signs pointing to a debut sooner rather than later, but until it is out, it is hard to believe. Hopefully when it does come out, it will be good enough to keep us entertained until Diablo 4 hits in 2024, or thereabouts.

Update: Argh! Even as this article was being finalized Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 has been delayed and is facing some major re-working. Q1 is almost certainly out of the question, and even 2012 may be off the table.”

Bonus points for them using a skill tree interface shot from like, 2008, as the illustration. I was going to laugh and point, but on second thought… given the circular firing squad of iteration we’ve seen in D3, would anyone be all that shocked if we end up back there?

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  1. Diablo III: 2014, sad but true.

  2. More baseless assumptions that 2012 is off the table.

    • How is it baseless? They said they will release soon, whatever that means, and that was before they said there were major reworkings or whatnot. Yes they said there is stuff to be done blah blah but come on dude they are telling us it will not come out this year.

      Jay said the rune shistem is not done. I’ve been following d3 dev progress for a while and his last article, in my opinion, read like “Sorry dudes! Release ain’t gonna happen this year.”

      I may be wrong but, this sounds a lot like the excuses we make at work. So, I wouldn’t bet on this year. Not by a long shot.

      At best we can hope for xmas.

      • Christmas is this year.
        Expect a summer release, everything they mentioned in the last update is stuff that is done and on the table.

        • so much for “early 2012”, heh?  🙄

          • What did you expect? Surely we’ll have this game this summer, or Bobby is selling Activision’s portion of Blizzard to the highest bidder… or he’ll just fire more lead people.

        • Your assumption is as baseless as any other. In fact, I think there are more signs pointing to a later release rather than sooner. It’s not just about the changes that were recently announced (which even though they’re finished, they took development time away from other areas). It’s about the major game systems that are still being “re-iterated” (or floundering about in a sea of ineptitude).
          I remain optimistic that this game will come out some time this year (I’d guess Q3 at the earliest), but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it didn’t make it in 2012.

    • Baseless assumptions? People have been saying that since 2010, and virtually the entire community was saying that in 2011. The “base” is that Blizzard is utterly terrible at developing a game at decent speed, always delays their projected timelines, and have recently been reiterating a vast majority of their core systems.

      That said, I think Q2/Q3 2012 is a good bet, and certainly still on the table, but don’t scoff at people who are so disillusioned by Blizzard that they believe 2013 is a real possibility (who knows, they may be right).

  3. iam just wondering how on earth they made assumptions as “end of 2011” if they cannot even hit Q1 2012 ; do they have any structure at all ?

    • No, the most successful and best selling PC gaming developer of all time does not have any structure.

      It’s just 4 guys in a basement somewhere in eastern Europe.

      • You would be surprised what 4 guys in a basement can do.

        Remember google? Oh wait, garages don’t count.

        • Yes, but GOOD IDEAS are not the same as HIGH EXPECTIONS, HIGH PRESSURE, BLOCKBUSTER SEQUEL. Anyone can have a potentially successful good idea, but it takes some real professionals to maintain that success. Sometimes the necessity for success is the painful reality and we see the suffering of the GOOD IDEA before its eventual death or its hopeful evolution (see: auto stats, no skill tree, RMAH, dead simple Act I, etc. etc. etc.).

      • i dont see the correlation of their succes and their inability to pursue something remotely resembling a sketchual ; for all we know Blizzard could postpone it another year and cycling through another fundamental system change … ; and no matter how big of a fanboy you are ; it`s simply getting ridiculous at some point ; i mean they tease more and more without any results to show ;

        and besides we don’t even know wether diablo 3 will be a good game or not ; maybe its the Starwars I of Gaming history…

      • oi, what’s we with Eastern Europe part man?

        • Eastern Block is the shit!

          In our parts the game plays YOU! Viva Communism, alcoholism, gorgeous women and unshaved privates.

      • Sometimes I wonder if 4 guys in a basement can work faster than Blizzard does right now. The old Blizzard (well before the merger and WoW) that was 1/100th as funded and staffed had no problems releasing a blockbuster game consistently every 1-2 years (not counting expansions):
        Warcraft – 1994
        Warcraft II – 1995
        Diablo – 1996
        Starcraft – 1998
        Diablo II – 2000
        Warcraft III – 2002
        World of Warcraft – 2004 (thus begins the end of an era…)
        Starcraft II – 2010
        Diablo III – 2012?

        • Diablo and Diablo 2 were released by Blizzard North, a completely separate development team.

          Strip them out and you get a clearer picture:
          1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2012.

        • @ World of Warcraft – 2004 (thus begins the end of an era…)
          AND an awesome new start 😉

          to keep it real … wow was / is their well deserverd cash cow
          blizz also learned alot about ballancing with this game
          i think they got a secret plan like … (conspiracy incomming :O )

          create a game wich teaches a lot about balancing
          kick out a game that rocks socks
          call the game WOW … sounds fancy and we got a lot of ballance testers

          this means wow was just a big beta test to secure DIABLO 3 will be kick ass xD

          okay there has been a little bit too much “literation” for my taste
          but i like the fact BLIZZ takes their time to create something totally …
          *slobber* (awesome addon incomming 😉 )

        • Diablo.exe : 740 KB
          DiabloIII.exe : 16.1 MB
          Diablo : 517 MB
          Diablo III Beta : 5.13 GB
          Maybe there are just a wee bit more assets in Diablo III?

    • It’s probably because they originally didn’t see themselves changing as much as they ended up doing. I guess after they gave themselves more time to play test it they decided to start making more changes and so they did. I bet that whatever gave them the problems that made them delay it to 2012 has already been resolved and now it’s the stuff they decided to work on more “because they had the time” is now what’s delaying them. Figures… This is what happens when a company doesn’t adhere to real deadlines… 🙄

      • xD …. and because of this i LOVE BLIZZARD 😉
        go go go need DIABLO 3 now blizz 😉

      • Pretty sure this. I think they decided that they could not get the AH/RMAH done in time (which I think it was clear they could not). As that was being done, other “iterations” continued (mainly on rune system to start) and more popped up on the process.

        I’m still holding out hope that these are in fact still iterations and there is no major delay (major being later than Q2 in my head). If they knew that they were going to be Q3 or later, I see no reason why they would not announce that at the same time as Jay’s post.

  4. this can’t be true!

  5. I don’t trust anyone who’s using years old screenshots

  6. Oh come on, get a grip. ALL the changes they made (except the stats change) points to them CLEANING UP. They realized the mystic was beyond fixing and cleaned her up. The Nephalem Cube and C0J removal was great…they should have realized 4 years ago that its good to break up the action from time to time but thank God they have realized it finally. The new stat display next to your paper doll is freaking genius if you think about it. And its so simple yet nobody thought of it before.
    The skill system will never go back to the tree system, or any system with points, because respec allows mass-dumping skill points and Jay Wilson luuurves respec. The rune system cant really be played around a lot and as they said, the old system was only slightly broken and returnable to if new systems failed.

  7. This article is just dumb. I don’t wanna complain because I like reading stuff here but this article is not great because you’re trying to send out positive signals even though you should be well aware that there’s no hope for a release yet.
    First of all you say something like “it is looking more and more like Diablo 3 will be out soon”
    which doesn’t say anything at all, the closer you’ll get to the goal the closer you’ll get to the finish line yes..of course. And what in the world gave you that idea, every single thing that has come out from Blizzard has been pushbacks, nothing has pointed tords a release.
    And what’s this?
    “Blizzard has suggested a Q1 release for the PC version, and there are other signs pointing to a debut sooner rather than later”
    Did you write this article 4 years ago and just hit the send button.
    We’re soon half in the first quarter so how can some suggest earlier than that, we’re passed that.

  8. Just for the sake of aesthetics, bringing back the good ol´skill tree could be a great thing. IMHO, of course

  9. If they bring back the skill tree, I’m no longer following this game for the short term.

    Let’s cross our fingers that the “skill changes” they mentioned end up being fairly simplistic and not another major overhaul.

    • I doubt it’ll be a major overhaul.  Jay said that the “Nephalem Altar” was not their best idea.  He also said he thinks the game could benefit from some sort of commitment to your build, so you don’t feel so generic.

      I could see runes locking your abilities or something, where the rune is destroyed if you change the ability.  Then they add some sort of spec saving feature.

      • Gear enhancing your skills is already “locking builds down”, due to commitment through gear for some aspects of the skill. Even if Ray of Frost does more damage then Desintigrate, if I have +200% extra weapon damage mods on my gear for Desint. only, that will obviously mean Id favor Desin. and that Id be hard-pressed into picking something else over it.

      • It was pretty obvious to me that the ‘Nephalem Altar’ was just something they pulled out of their ass, re-purposing existing graphics from somewhere else in the game as a stop-gap measure while they took the skill system back to the drawing board.

      • Hey.  Where did he say this about the Altar and build commitment?  Really would be interested in seeing that!

      • Where did he say that Douglas? Why would they bother moving the Altar off to it’s own corner with it’s own little stone pedestal if they didn’t intend on keeping it? If they were always just using it as a temporary measure then they wouldn’t have even moved it from it’s original place near the well. They may change the functionality of it some but I doubt that the Altars are going anywhere.

  10. When did they officially say it’s delayed again past Q1??

  11. You have no choice but to trust the developers.  You have no other option.  What that means for the release date IS fair game for speculation.  Sorry, thats the way the world works whether you think there is “proof” or not.  

    Remember, the only people testing endgame are the developers themselves.  We all know this is what we care about the most.  They have all been grinding in inferno and something stuck out to them and significant changes were made.  The timing and nature of it certainly does not sit well with those of us who have been waiting for decade for new diablo. There are problems with the endgame.  That is clear.  There is evidence.  Now, how much that will impact final release or what ripple effect these changes will have on the entire game (meaning after testing these new features other changes may be needed) remains to be seen.  Nerdrage? Yes.  Completely out to lunch thinking this MIGHT impact release? Hardly.

  12. I wouldn’t mind seeing the skill tree back IMHO .  The system now (D3 ) is like opening all your Christmas presents in 2 mins and 1 hour later being bored because you’ve played with everything.  I thought the tree did a wonderful job of making players use different skills until you were high enough level to be able to get ( EX: Frozen Orb / BLizzard . )  With all skills available everyone will use the very best skills/spells off the bat and make others just pointless and never be used.   Personally I liked having the goal of being able to reach a higher level where I could use Whirlwind or Poison Nova.  Why will I care about leveling up now?  Every spell is the same as the level before, I’m a little stronger thats about it. Things I liked about D2 was unlocking the new skills and finding great items.  I have a bad feeling that there will just be alot of clones in D3 more then D2 once everyone finds out EX: skills A, B, & C are best then it takes what 20 seconds to copy that character and select the exact same skills/spells just my 2 cents Raf

    • You have hit one of the nails on the head. There are 2 massive problems with the present system:

      (1) What you are talking about. People WILL find out a couple of super-optimum builds for each class, and since skills are freely swappable, large portions of the playerbase WILL be cloning those 2-3 builds come endgame. Also there will be a specific build for a specific situation e.g. every DH uses chakram when they fight the skeleton king because it works best against him (just an example), which will make farming EVEN MORE BORING than before!
      (2) Long term replayability. Cloning is rewarding and liberating in the short term but will cripple and eventually destroy longevity of D3.

      I am confident they will fix this skill system. Because it wont be not fun for long. And Blizzard wants their games to be FUN even if they have to give up on innovation for that, its one of their company’s overarching mottos.

      • you are aware that whirlwind is not offered at Level 1 even in the new system.  How you earn skills is staggered by level.  So you will not have all the skills available right off the bat.  

        However, you are correct in that everyone will have all the skills by the time they reach level 30 or so. however, the player decides which direction to go with their character by virtue of item choices, skills types and how that all adds up to a certain kind of “build”.  the only difference here is, if you don’t like how its turned out you don’t have start over with a level 1 char.  However, you might have to get your butt on the auction house to re-tweak your character.  If not having to relevel an entire char seems bogus to you then delete your loser char and start anew.  this seems stupid though because yes in the end all naked chars will be the same.  

        frankly what does it matter.  99% of us rushed our char when we were starting new chars anyway to get that “new” build going.  and dont say that you didnt.  you did. certainly after the game had been out for a few years.

        • I’ve never been a big fan of the respec system sure I’m the minority.  My biggest gripe is the thought of joining a game and every demonhunter is using ex: multishot or ever Barb is using whirlwind.  There won’t be a few Barbs or Demonhunters for example going ahh man I chose X skill and making the best of it.  Any character can simply change to the exact same skills and runes within a minute.   I would think if D2 had been this way it would have sucked. It would have been when you join game and every Palidin on the server switched the second they found out a Hammerdin was over powered it would be just that easy.  Skill choices in D2 actually took some thought because this would define your character.  You couldn’t simply be a Blizz sorc and see a Meteor sorc owning and think hmm I’ll go to town and become a Meteor sorc too.  D3 encrourages everyone to copy and I frankly am not crazy about it.

    • You and humungous don’t seem to realize that if they did skill points again then they would have to put in an easy way to respec and if they did that then it would be essentially the same system as now as everyone could easily respec their points and get new skills. It would just be an artificial barrier to having all skills all the time so they decided to not put in convoluted bs to go through for respeccing and just let us have freespeccing instead.

  13. When it comes to release dates or time frames for release, it’s this simple: Don’t believe anything unless it comes straight from Blizzard.

    The last official release date time frame given by Blizzard is “Early 2012”.  Until they say different, that’s when it’s coming out.  They could have adjusted that time frame with the “system changes” announcement.  They didn’t. So why assume it isn’t still valid?  Considering those changes will be in Monday’s beta patch, those changes are likely to have already delayed release and not reasons it will be delayed further.  Sure skill changes, runestone changes, etc. are still not announced, but the way I look at it is once they announce those changes, they’ll be nothing left for them to point to as reasons not to have a release date announced.  I think even if they pretty much knew what they wanted to do in those areas, Blizzard would hold back on telling us about it so long as their plan is not to release the game in the very, very near future.

    In early September 2011 (just under four months before the year end), they announced that the game would not be out before year end.  The very latest they can possibly release D3 and have it be considered early by any interpretation is 6/30/12.  Once your into the seocnd half of a year, you can’t call a release early in that year.  If past history is any indication of when we will get word on an additional delay (should one come), then we should get it sometime around the early part of March (just under four months prior to 6/30/12).  If past history of two months lag time (give or take) between release date announcement and release date holds true, then a release date announcement would come at about the end of April at the latest.

    • Honestly, Jay’s original post looks potentially dated after it traveled through the PR hurdles, so it is entirely possible this has been in the works for a while. Besides — we haven’t had a release date, and most importantly, to me anyway, they haven’t revealed the rune system in full.

      • Well they said they would talk about it in the “near future” which usually means in a couple weeks to Blizzard. So maybe they’ll talk about it sometime during Jan. 30 – Feb. 3. I’m guessing it will be around the time they release patch 11 which will probably have the skill changes in it.

  14. I have a question. For those people who bought the year subscription to wow and get d3 free what if that year comes and goes and you don’t renew are you still entitled to the free copy of d3?

    • Of course.  The deal is you’ll get D3 “when it comes out”.  Doesn’t matter if that’s before the year subscription is up or not.

      The way I look at it, the later D3 comes out the better for the annual pass crowd. If you like WOW enough to buy the year subscription to it, then the longer your time isn’t split between WOW and D3 the better, right? You can only play one game at a time.

      • “You can only play one game at a time.”
        You’re funny… Many people play multiple games at a time. Some even play multiple MMOs at a time.

        • Reading comprehension is useful you know. You can’t play both games AT ONCE, you can have a subscription to WoW without playing it for crying out loud but you can’t control your character in D3 at the same time as you control your character in WoW – without it being useless.

          • Yes it is… Why don’t you practice it some time. napobm is talking about actively playing through more than one game around the same time period, not literally having two games open on your computer at once. You can go away now, unregistered, moronic troll…

  15. In Blizzard we trust.

  16. lol D3 most anticipated……….those idiots obviously haven’t been visiting D3IncGamers enough to see what’s going on

    • I think it is the german computer games magazine “PCGames” that asks its readers to vote for the most anticipated game, every month anew. Diablo III has always been in the top 3 in 2011 and mostly scored first place in each survey.
      So yeah, D3 = most anticipated game 2012 for sure.

  17. Late spring, early mid summer release at this point. In D3 waiting years it seems like forever but wait till it’s released and it will feel like “we were just talking about this. “

  18. Honestly, due to my schedule, Summer release is better then Spring. That way I wont have to invest my “sleep time” into playing D3, nor will I damage my responsibilities.

  19. I didn’t realize that the game was that far along in 2008… that makes this all seem that more pathetic.

  20. 1. The release of D3 is linked to the beta start of the next Wow expansion. SC2 had the exact same policy. Blizzard launches a new game and only a few weeks later, the next Wow expansion can be played in beta to hype up their number one money maker.

    2. So if one of you guys would know when Mop’s friends and family play started, add a few more months and you’ d know D3 launching period.

    The 1.4 billion Wow cash cow is too important to take risks: without a new Wow expansion, no new games coming from Blizzard because they would loose on the deal. Btw : SC2 launched in … July. Crazy I know.

    3. Apart from this, another factor is the stock market… Which could mean D3 would be published sooner than later.

    However …. If the subscriptions of Wow did manage to hold on to 10 M + … AND that new Actvision game franchise was a hit (Sky something), I think the pressure of a 1Q 2012 launch could be postponed.

    If this is the case: it is better for Blizzard to postpone, because:

    A. The console version will be launched much shorter after the PC launch. Taking D3 numbers above 5 M players with ease.
    B. The new Wow expansion keeps up the numbers without the danger of losing them to D3, because it launches shorter after D3
    C. The combo play of D3 – Wow is much tighter’: you play D3 and sell stuff to pay for Blizzard stuff IN Wow.

    That stuff could be subscriptions, BUT also Pets etc for their new Pokemon pet system as … These are bind on equiped.

    Use your brains … For once.

    • Wow.. so many shiny words me dont understand.. like “stock market” and “subscriptions”.. also big numbers like 1.4 billion and 5 million.. brains.. man your smart! Oh and like.. points! A.. and hmm B and.. even C!
      Still, it’s a load of donkey manure pooled from your behind,
      pardon my french.. without trying to be trollish.

  21. I have a major suspicion they will announce the D3 release just before the Activision-Blizzard conference call to (1) Finally have some concrete news to give to their shareholders and (2) make their stock look good. Stock prices are obviously going to skyrocket after the D3 release date is announced.
    So release date in first week of Feb => release in end-March/April week 1.

    • That seems the most realistic to me at this point. Either just before or during the conference call like they did with Sc2. They definitely need some good news for the investors after the recent big dip in WoW subs.

  22. Sp theres been no official delay and you’re freaking out and posting that they did delay and that we shouldn’t even expect it before December? You’re putting BS up that people read and expect to be somewhat legit on a fan site. That’s clownin dawg. Don’t put up BS like this.

  23. I just read a post about stock market and prices ‘skyrocketing’ from d3 release. lol’d.

  24. Who cares at this point. So many fans are just sick of waiting who cares what kind of updates they have. If it is not a release date announcement then seriously do not waste anymore of our time.

  25. i am still a fan of the skill tree

    • I second that. Specialisation through items alone is no good deal imo. Take a mechanic and an electrician: Both jobs take specialisation to be good at them, both are craftsman. But you can’t make a good mechanic out of an electrician simply by buying the stuff a good mechanic needs and vice versa. As D3 still strives to be an Action-RPG and not just an action game, the lack of reflection of this concept bothers me and keeps me questioning the longterm-replayability of the game.

  26. Most anticipated? Duh, there are no other games for PC this year. At least I haven’t heard of any.

  27. I think everyone slowly goes crazy cause of the D3 release uncertainty.

  28. 2008-2012..Five f***ing year c’mon ????

    • Are you a mathematician?

    • The game was announced in 2008.  It was in production since 2006 or 2007 if I remember correctly.  That makes it 5-6 years, being modest.

      • it was rerolled in 2004/2005 when blizz north quitted. So actually its about 6-7 years then, but that doesnt count though we have been taken into account since 2008 so its 4 years for us and Im still ok with it only if the game’s great. And this will be the case 😎

  29. If it doesn’t come out this year, I’m not getting it, period… It’s something I really don’t want to say. But if anyone remembers the movie liar liar, or the excellent scenes from arrested development where the kids are constantly having it in their head that “yeah, my dad is finally taking me to the cabin!” Then being shot down by something else going on. I put up with it growing up, and I sure as hell don’t plan on putting up with it pushing 30…

    • Maybe Blizzard is teaching us a lesson.
      When the game is finally released, Jay Wilson will announce “And that’s why you don’t use a one-armed person to scare someone”.

  30. Its like i cannot materialize the damn game in my mind and so not letting it being part of this universe.
    Why does it take that much of an effort to imagine this world with diablo 3?

  31. From what I understand, the game should have been in a “design phase” for roughly 5 years now, excluding efforts made for previous/discontinued versions and engine/tools developement. Right now, it’s apparently in a state of final developements and polishing. The time span between release date announcement and release (and probably after) should be reserved for balancing and fine tuning.
    So, my best hopes would be for an early Q2/2012 release date as well – assuming there is no further need for additional revamping of “core systems” that we(/they?) don’t know about yet. ((Though, after all, I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly contrived to launch the game with warrior, rogue and sorcereor as playable classes instead 😉 ))
    I’m actually quite fine with them taking as much developement time as they need for Diablo III. I’m also eagerly collecting whatever tiny bit of info I can get about the game; in fact, I quite enjoy seeing how a more-than-promising game is coming together and taking shape. But, to be honest, following D3’s developement lost pretty much of it’s appeal for me when it became obvious that they started presenting stuff right after having a test environment with a handful of character models ready and that not only nothing was set in stone but everything they announced might never make it beyond a concepting phase.
    In my opinion and in retrospective, just announcing developement start back then and not giving much further insight until …um… like late 2010 / early 2011 would have looked more professional/adequate for Blizzard and might have been a more enjoyable/bearable process to observe and follow for their fans.

  32. every fukin game that was to be anticipated is out for some time now except Diablo 3….so yeah…the most anticipated..pfffff.

  33. Scary thought just crossed my mind.

    They will go back to the tree, say it was something they thought of doing before because of designery reasons. ‘Justify it’ with the usual ‘we came the full circle’ bullshit and then when we have made our peace with it come Q3 they will say well we are almost done but decided to bring the list back because as it turned out that was the wrong fucking circle we were circling.

    Probably shouldn’t have said anything, but fuck it…everyone is venting.

  34. http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/diablo-3-senior-producer-steve-parker-leaves-blizzard

    Seems like a huge deal to me. Either they are just chopping heads for the game being delayed for so long (‘after 6 years of design & development we decided to go back to square one’) or the guy just had enough of it and didn’t want to be connected to a disaster that will follow (ie. D3 being delayed more, then when it does arrive we will get D2 with minor tweaks here and there).

  35. once again, June at the earliest

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