Diablo is on every site’s list of Most Anticipated Titles for 2012, and HolyKnight points us to today’s example from Digital Trends. Their quote is funny, (incorrect, but funny) especially the update, so here you go:

    “……this game will come out this year. It will come out this year. It has been a long, long, long wait since Diablo 2 came out way back in 2000. Two wars have been waged. Puppies have grown into dogs and lived full lives. Millions of Californians have been married and divorced just in time for one party to avoid paying half their worth to the other. It’s been a long time, and still we don’t have a genuine release date. But take heart, faithful Diablo fans, it is looking more and more like Diablo 3 will be out soon. It may also be on the way for consoles, but the wait on that could be even longer. Blizzard has suggested a Q1 release for the PC version, and there are other signs pointing to a debut sooner rather than later, but until it is out, it is hard to believe. Hopefully when it does come out, it will be good enough to keep us entertained until Diablo 4 hits in 2024, or thereabouts.

    Update: Argh! Even as this article was being finalized Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 has been delayed and is facing some major re-working. Q1 is almost certainly out of the question, and even 2012 may be off the table.”

    Bonus points for them using a skill tree interface shot from like, 2008, as the illustration. I was going to laugh and point, but on second thought… given the circular firing squad of iteration we’ve seen in D3, would anyone be all that shocked if we end up back there?

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