A site called Den of Geek has optimistically included Diablo III (and Starcraft 2) on their list of No, really. The odds of D3 being released before 2010 are incalculably low, so perhaps the geeks are leaving their den to attend BlizzCon, where they’re hoping to see D3 on the show floor?

    In other news, a guy just broke the world land speed record on a human-powered vehicle, and was the first person ever to exceed 1/10th the speed of sound without the aid of an engine (or gravity). Why is this news? His super customized bike is called the Diablo III. No, really:

    Sam Whittingham of Quadra Island made history in the Nevada desert on Thursday, pedalling the tear-drop contoured recumbent bike—the Varna Diablo III—to a world record speed of 82.3 mile per hour (132.5 kilometres per hour), claiming the $26,748 deciMach prize as the first person to do so, and cementing his position as the fastest self-propelled human on the planet.

    Yes, we bring you all the Diablo III news here. Even when it’s got nothing to do with… Diablo 3.

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