Back in May, long before the WWI in Paris, we enjoyed a day of furious rumors when PC Gamer teased that their next issue would reveal a much-awaited new title. Hopes that it might be Diablo III skyrocketed to the point that Blizzard had to no-comment it, and PC Gamer had to squelch it the next day. We cursed and moved on to other magazine rumor mongering, and then D3 was announced at the WWI without any magazine tie in at all. They’ve got one now though, since PC Gamer has used their podcast to reveal that D3 will be on the cover of their October issue, which will hit newsstands on August 19th and may reach subscribers a day or two earlier. Here’s the quote from their podcast, from around the 7:00 mark:

    The good news for us, and for you; this is our next cover story. Diablo 3 will be on the cover of our October issue. Which will come out August 19th… be on newsstands by the 19th. We’ll have a bunch of new exclusive art in there, the cover will be some cool new art, we’ve got Q&As with the Lead Developer, the Art Director, I believe we’ll have time to talk to Mike Morhaime, who’s one of the co-founders of Blizzard, so there’s going to be some great stuff in there, and of course lots of deep… a PC Gamer deep take on what we think of the new game.

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