It seems that everyone is off enjoying the holidays, since there’s been zippo to post about Diablo 3 for the past few days. Thankfully, we’ve got a year in review series of articles coming up soon, and a new wallpaper later today.

    For now, just to have something to do, you can check out a couple of Diablo 3 art controversy screenshots at the tail end of this big gallery of fake screens on PC Games Hardware.

    If you’ve somehow missed this issue before, both of these images, and many others, are available in the appropriate folder in our image gallery.

    Elsewhere, if (like me) you’re desperate for anything with some relation to Diablo 3, this a press release from Tech Pad Productions (technically) qualifies. It’s about a new iPhone sound bundle, essentially high tech ring tones, which features 32 “evil” recorded lines. How does this relate to Diablo 3? Good question:

    iMEvil is a deliciously evil new entertainment soundboard application featuring the professional voice talent of David Sobolov, a voice actor known for his work on more than 40 video games, including many villainous characters. Sobolov has played roles in, among others: Halo Wars, Call of Duty 1 and 4, Red Alert 3, Transformers, Unreal Tournament 3, Chronicles of Riddick, Everquest II, Prototype, and upcoming games Brutal Legend, Dragon Age, Aion and Diablo III.

    “I’ve become known for playing deep creepy characters,” said Sobolov. “It’s been great fun for me to have the opportunity to provide a wicked feel to a cool new technology. iMEvil is my first iPhone application. I hope fans of the dark side everywhere are gonna’ enjoy hearing these moments of delicious evil. Make sure to download iMEvil – use it to scare your friends – or just creep yourself out! Then watch for more spine-chilling updates over the coming months. Muahahaha!”

    Sadly, no sample lines, in voice or text, are offered.

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