D3 Hoaxes and Rumors

Debunkery is being served up today:

Download links are popping up, claiming to be the Diablo III beta. Those in the know are calling BS on the rumors, and we’ll echo that debunking. The game is still in its early alpha phase, far from beta, Blizzard hasn’t let a leaked copy get out for download, and if they did, it would be way, way larger than 600meg. (The last beta I DL’ed, HGL, was over 4gig.)

G4 quotes a Blizzard spokesperson throwing sand on the faintly-smoldering embers of believability lit by that Numa Numa-looking YouTube guy who claimed to have an early copy of Diablo III.

Video debunking his claims can be seen below the fold.

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1 thought on “D3 Hoaxes and Rumors

  1. I played Mythos for awhile and I guess it’s an action-RPGish MMO that I could get into. Unfortunately I was also distracted by the HG:L alpha and beta at the time.

    Since then I’ve returned to South Africa from Sweden and now that bandwidth is an issue Flagship Studios’ games simply aren’t technically viable for me anymore. I’ve tried to fire up Mythos at least once a month since March but the patch download consistently fails, burning 80MB of my 66MB daily ‘allowance’ (I need to ration 2GB in a month).

    So basically what I’m saying is that unless Flagship fixes the glaring technical issues in their back-end infrastructure (patch delivery, patching vs. downloading new game clients) their games will continue suffer for it. The sad thing is that these issues have been unresolved since the HG:L alpha…

    @BlackMidnight: Same here… When the beta ended and our extended grace period got cancelled I also didn’t buy the game.

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