Lag is a monster both softcore and Hardcore deal with. However lag and disconnects can be deadly in Hardcore. Looking at the D3 forums would have a person thinking this is a regular occurrence, in fact it’s one of the most cited reasons people don’t play hardcore. So is it true? Are disconnects so rampant? Or are we making mountains out of molehills?

    In my D3 time, both Beta and Release, I’ve been disconnected once. I was in the middle of act 1 clearing out one of the defiled crypts in the cemetery when I went down. My ISP was down and after quickly reconnecting I rushed on to find..my monk still alive. Sure it would have sucked but as I play on wireless, I knew the risks involved. Having come from the old days of dial-up hardcore D2 I knew what it was like to lose characters to rogue disconnects. However that fear has been largely abated in D3.

    One of the major causes of uproar at the moment in the question of the disconnect timer itself. When you are disconnected from the server it isn’t an immediate boot out of danger but the server must recognize that you are gone. It should be within 1 second. But if there is high latency, or you just cast a ton of spells and a flood of packets is still reaching the server, it could be longer. Top range would be 3-4 seconds. Should not take any longer than that…and that’s only in extreme circumstances. Which means in the worst scenario you could be out there for 15 ( five for d/c plus the 10 second timer)seconds or so. Granted that’s enough to kill most players but it’s a far cry from the alternative.

    Let’s say we were to go back to an instant disconnect. No timer, just disconnect and done. How would you die in Hardcore? It’s simple, you wouldn’t. Diablo now isn’t full of immediate deaths, in fact most of the time you can avoid death for awhile even while trapped. If an insta-disconnect feature was put in you could just drop out at the sight of half health and come back to fight again. Welcome back to the days of Alt-f4 in D2 and if I recall correctly, we weren’t that found of it. The sad truth of this system is that it will be far more advantageous to botters and farmers than it ever would be to the average player.

    Disconnects on blizzards end however are just as mentioned above. If blizzards servers go down you’re in the clear. No timer, no lag, just a get out of death free card. So that begs the questions is Blizzard killing you or your own ISP? If you fear it might be on your end check out this link or of course take to the forums and accuse wildly!

    How has your disconnect experience been? An every day problem? or something you’ve never experienced? Sound off in the comments below!

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