D3 for VGA PC Game of the Year

Diablo 3 is one of the four nominees in the Game Trailers PC Game of the Year competition. Other games in the running are Guild Wars 2, Torchlight II, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, (But no Pandaland?) and you can vote to help determine the winner. Check out the trailer to refresh your memory, and thanks to Lord_Vega for the tip.

Video Game Awards 2012

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11 thoughts on “D3 for VGA PC Game of the Year

    • budgets:

      d3 – 100 mil
      gw – 60 mil
      xcom – 12 mil
      tl2 – 8 mil

      Pretty big win for the last two to even get on the board.

      D3 has already won a couple of awards, which usually are just the industry’s way of thanking companies that blew a ton of money on writers, actors, visibility on espn commercials, etc.

      I think the big red dot with the metacritic user scores say a little more about the game.

    • You might as well ask were is “X”* title. It’s VGA, who gives a fuck ?

      *put random title in place of X.

  1. I’ve played A LOT of D3, TL2 and GW2 and just a little bit of XCOM (didn’t really get into it) and my vote, without a single hesitation, goes to Guild Wars 2.

  2. Not strange choices (all of them are popular and deserve a nomination — yes even if you or I personally don’t like them! *gasp*), just a *lack* of choices. The list could be filled with dozens of titles. Stupid polls are stupid.

  3. Anything but D3 lol.

    Torch Light 2 had a far smaller budget and imo beat D3 in a number of ways.

    I don’t care who wins it, but if D3 does than that just shows how bad reviewers are.

  4. It’s worth menioning that the nominees are strictly PC exclusive titles, thus many of the biggest titles of this year were not included. Such huge games as AC3 and Borderlands2 are of course multi-platform, thus not being eligible to participate in this category (the real huge one is of course GotY, where you won’t see a sign of our beloved hack’n’slash).

    With that said- I absolutely think that D3 is the very best PC game released in 2012.
    Game keeps on improving, and becomes more and more like D2 with each patch.
    At least for me, playing the Kripp way (self found HC), and playing as if it was a completely single player offline game which is ment to offer as much challenge as *I* want, has made it amazinly fun and rewarding again 🙂

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