A fan on Battle.net made the same remark that most of us did upon watching yesterday’s Developer Diary. “Wow, I’d forgotten all about that whole Diabeards thing!”

    No, actually he noted that Diablo III was in near-final polishing stage in February 2011, and wondered WTF they’d been doing for the past 14 months. Bashiok rose to the bait.

    So according to the video recently released, they were in the tuning stage in February of 2011….

    I know blizzard takes their time, but man…
    Bashiok: Obviously back then we didn’t know that our testing and polishing would reveal that we were unhappy with some of game systems, which were either removed for redundancy (or being sucky), reworked for various improvements, or we needed to add completely new ones. But I dont think anyone was surprised. We test, we iterate and refine, we test some more, etc.

    But yes. Along with continued development and iteration on the game as a whole we’re constantly and continually tuning and testing.

    I recommend enjoying these as in-progress looks into the development process, and yes, even at our silliness in thinking we were anywhere close to finishing the game. 🙂

    This sort of lengthy delay when the overall progress bar seems to be stuck at about 93% is as common when downloading a patch from Battle.net as it is in overall video game production. Though of course Blizzard takes it to another level, with their it-it-iteration and flexible deadlines.

    Good thing their games are always worth the wait…?

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