PCGames.de is reporting that Blizzard will make a Diablo 3 presentation at the Gamescom show in 2 weeks, and will hold a 30-minute press conference, starring Jay Wilson, afterwards. Here’s the Google translation of the original German post.

    Blizzard has convened a press conference for the Gamescom 2010 in Cologne, where a new feature of Diablo 3 will be presented. What it is, is so far a secret. What is certain is that you on Wednesday 18 August, will be informed at 12.00 clock on pcgames.de on the revelations. Diablo 3 fans should save themselves the time without fail!

    Diablo 3 will be playable on the Gamescom 2010th Whether Diablo 3 will be released until 2011 or even 2012 is still open – if possible, Blizzard will announce it on the Gamescom news. The press conference with game director Jay Wilson makes a 30-minute question session with the Blizzard staff. This will be used, for more information.

    Bashiok’s been teasing about a Diablo 3 demo at Gamescom for a few weeks. It seemed like bad news yesterday when he implied that we’d have to wait for BlizzCon to find out about the Wizard’s new resource system. But now it seems that we will see new D3 stuff from Gamescom, and that the demo build there will indeed be new and full of shiny shininess.

    So, what’s the new new at Gamescom going to be? There’s no way they’d reveal the DiabloWikififth character; they’re saving that for Blizzcon. If there is indeed a new demo, it would almost certainly feature new areas, news monsters, and new/updated characters, including the new style of DiabloWikiInstability, and the DiabloWikiMonk‘s unnamed resource system. What else? The DiabloWikiTalisman? Some of those other entirely new game systems we’ve so long been promised?

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