Amusing little sequence of events that shows how serious Blizzard is about not implying a Diablo III release date.

    Step One —During an Activision/Blizzard financial conference call, Mike Morhaime (again) stated that Starcraft 2 and the next WoW expansion are in the pipeline for a 2010 release, and that Diablo III is not.

    Step Two —Lots of gaming sites repeated this news, and at least one, Voodoo Extreme, interpreted that to mean D3 would be out in 2011. I first saw their comments when tipped by a forum post. My reaction to the VE news item was to think it misleading, since Morhaime hadn’t said anything about 2011 for D3. He’d just said not in 2010.

    Step Three —Blizzard had the same reaction, since they mailed VE to say there was no D3 release date, and VE has now printed a retraction.

    Profit! —So if you’re dying to get an email from Blizzard’s PR, you know what to do. Misinterpret a comment by a Blizzard official to mean that D3 will be released sometime before the ancient Mayan calendar condemns us all to apocalypse, post that on a major gaming news site, and start checking your inbox!

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