D3 Discounted in the UK

If you’re in the UK and looking for a discount offer on Diablo III, hit up Tesco Online. As this article on MCV UK points out, Tesco is slashing prices in a price war with GAME, another gaming retailer, and offering big discounts on numerous titles, including Diablo III.

Their D3CE price hasn’t been lowered and remains £69.99, but they’ve cut the price of regular D3 from £44.99 to £32.91, which is equivalent to 17 doubloons or 136 pieces of eight… quite a bargain!

(It’s $52.30 in current USD, so cheaper, but not a huge discount from the $60 charged by most retail outlets or the Blizzard Store. Note how much more they pay for games in the UK than in the US, though. 70 quid = 111 dollars, for the D3CE.)

Update: Or you can just use the Amazon.co.uk sell through link in that box to the right and get it for £29.95, and support IncGamers with a small % of your purchase price going to us as the referrer.

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19 thoughts on “D3 Discounted in the UK

  1. I bought the CE for £56 ($89) from Gamestop. Amazon uk sells the standard edition for £30. I know these are online prices but I can’t really see the point in buying from a brick & mortar store.

  2. In fact £45 is horrific. That’s like a console game or something isn’t it? I hope they don’t sell too many at that price.

  3. think australia is worse. 140 aussie dollars for CE, 90 for regular.

    but, isnt GAME closing down or something?

    • Game was/is closing down but trading been resumed due to some deal that been done that allowing the company to continue trading.

  4. Wow, people still fall for these ‘discount from X to Y’ lines?
    Pretty much every competitive pricing place in the UK is selling D3 in the £30-35 range. Sure, your random around the corner gaming store might not, but everyone looking for a bargain can find a whole host of places comparable to Tesco Online (like amazon.co.uk mentioned above).
    I’m actually guessing MCV UK got payed by Tesco to place this ‘news item’.

  5. Australia has the worst prices i think… I payed $140 for my CE and i think normal copy is between $80-100. I think that the prices here are exactly what they should be though! With the rediculous (in a good way) economy that we have here i would be willing to pay hundereds of dollars for something that will provide me with years of entertainment. When i go out for a dinner with my girlfriend in a normal (not fency) restaurant i easily spend $80 for that one evening only… When you look at it from that angle the price of D3, which should provide me with years of entertainment especially in the moments when i would otherwise be really bored, seems increadably cheap for the value you get!

  6. Well, in CIS/Russia region there are still no offers for CE, except for few offers at ~$150(key only)-200(box). And even those sellers don’t provide any guarantees on delivery _in May_.
    Thank God for Amazon.

  7. Main internet shops in France seem to be selling DIABLO III at the price of 45€ (that is a discount of 25% from the “official” price of 59,99€)

  8. I can’t find a reseller in Russia to sell full version… not for 60 euros even.

    Very surprising, considering Russian-only version releases on June 7, though for mere 25 euros. 

  9. 110 euro for the CE here in Slovakia Europe….and that is the cheapest price, but the shop is offering a free copy of the first Sin war book Birthright which is a nice bonus regardless of the high price…

  10. got my CE for £50, preordred from gamestop uk ages ago…also I do have faith in the postal service as they delivered GOW3 1 week before it was meant to be released…lol

  11. UK price is £29.99 for PC games, with only a handful selling for more (and then they normally under £35).

  12. Anyone else had to re-read the title after thinking it said “D3 Discontinued in the UK”? lol

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