If you’re in the UK and looking for a discount offer on Diablo III, hit up Tesco Online. As this article on MCV UK points out, Tesco is slashing prices in a price war with GAME, another gaming retailer, and offering big discounts on numerous titles, including Diablo III.

    Their D3CE price hasn’t been lowered and remains £69.99, but they’ve cut the price of regular D3 from £44.99 to £32.91, which is equivalent to 17 doubloons or 136 pieces of eight… quite a bargain!

    (It’s $52.30 in current USD, so cheaper, but not a huge discount from the $60 charged by most retail outlets or the Blizzard Store. Note how much more they pay for games in the UK than in the US, though. 70 quid = 111 dollars, for the D3CE.)

    Update: Or you can just use the Amazon.co.uk sell through link in that box to the right and get it for £29.95, and support IncGamers with a small % of your purchase price going to us as the referrer.

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