Bashiok hopped on couple of other threads, besides the mega Clvl 60 one, to some useful effect. Bashiok gave a couple :

    My biggest fear with this game is that I’ll be able to get through all difficulty modes without having to learn from my mistakes, and without ever having to stop to gear up. That will make for a very boring game, that I will probably uninstall after a month.

    So to make a long story short: Give the casual or lesser-skilled players what they want, but also have an aspect of the game that is really difficult.

    You can solo the entire game.

    If you’re in a multiplayer game you will need to stick together or you will die.

    This sounds lovely, but I must point out that the D2 devs said much the same, repeatedly. It’s unclear if they lacked the resolve to truly make multiplayer that much of a challenge, or if players were always able to create such powerful combinations of items and skills and tactics that the content the devs thought was sufficiently challenging became a DiabloWikiPlayers X level fest.

    Elsewhere, the End Game articleof more replies to the DiabloWikiend game/replayability/max level debate.

    While having Hell mode balanced to require the max level seems like a good idea, it means that once it’s beaten, much of the replayability ends.
    Sorry Grug, but come on man, you’re claiming that Diablo II is so replayable because there were 99 levels? That’s silly. You can’t believe that.

    check d2 ladder alot of lv 99 players on that list.

    Yes, ladder is a fun race to 99. And did they stop playing when they hit 99 because that’s the reason to play?

    Racing to 99 being a fun diversion in a 10 year old game does not mean it’s the main point of replayability, or even a moderate one.

    It had better not be, since it doesn’t sound like there will even be a point in having D3 experience ladders. Not if the game’s balanced for chars to reach level 60 just going through hell difficulty; the ladders would be solid 1-999th place Clvl 60s in a week. Happily, we’ve got Bashiok’s hints about there being additional end game content, and if there’s that… why not ladders based on it, or including it? Measuring D2 chars by just experience was sub-optimal, since it was really just a “time played” counter, at least in non-Hardcore.

    To paraphrase Bashiok, we value the ladders and the Clvl 99 in D2 since that’s all we’ve got. That doesn’t mean the devs couldn’t/can’t do a better job on end game and high level content, this time around. (Nor does it mean they’re guaranteed to. But doing things in D3 simply because that’s how they were done in D2 would be dangerously nostalgic.)

    Also, if you haven’t already, check out the End Game article in the wiki. It has numerous quotes from D3 devs on their goals for adding variety to the end game. This isn’t something new they just thought up last week; it’s been in their design goals from the very beginning.

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