GamerZines has followed part one by posting parts two and three of their interview with Christian Lichtner and Julian Love from Blizzcon.

    Part Two is almost entirely focused on the lingering vestiges of the art controversy, and defying what’s become almost conventional wisdom amongst art-critiquing fans, Christian Lichtner says they didn’t change anything due to the post-WWI 2008 DiabloWikiart controversy. “…but the art style was set after many, many iterations already. We went through a lot of different looks and the one we decided on we were very, very happy with.”

    Part Three touches on D3 console hopes (though zero work has been done towards that potential), along with the light radius and their final thoughts. A quote:

    GZ: Talking about the long development cycle, do you think that when you get round to releasing it in 2010 or whenever, you’ll be technologically behind competitors?

    Christian Lichtner: I think the key here, for us at least is we want to make sure that we have the most fun game we possibly can make. That’s really our focus and from the art point of view, the focus becomes how do we support that goal. I think that we have going right now is really very much keyed into making sure people can play this them years from now, lets say. We are very aware as fans, that people still play Diablo and for good reason. As a result we also know that there’s a very good chance people play the games many, many years after we make them. So everything is geared towards that and the art style supports that.

    Update: The full interview in one piece, and a link to download the audio file, is now available.

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