We’ve got a new column debuting today. It’s by Grug, known for his @Diablo tweets and a recent TDP appearance, and it’s called Diablo 3 Cryptozoology. As Grug described it in an email, “I will seek out rare legendary creatures (ones that don’t always appear) and study their behavior and unique abilities.”

    That sums it up perfectly, as you’ll see in the first installment, which profiles a newly-added DiabloWikiEaster Egg-y skeleton boss, located in the DiabloWikiCathedral Garden.

    Incidentally, we’re always interested in adding more writers and columnists to the site, especially as we approach Diablo III’s “early 2012” *cough* release date, and then especially after the launch, when things will get really busy. If you’re interested in contributing, fire an email to [email protected] and let me know what you want to write about, or if you just want to do something but you’re not sure what, we’ve got plenty of suggestions.

    Shameless advertising finished, here’s Grug’s new column, which will appear semi-regularly — whenever he spots something worth covering.


    Diablo 3 Cryptozoology

    Hidden away in old graveyards, buried fortresses, and worse, are unique, elusive monsters. Their existence is shrouded in rumors, and merely catching sight of one is a rare treat indeed. I am prepared to brave the hazardous locales of Sanctuary and bring back information on these Legendary Creatures.

    Legendary Creatures are special bosses in D3 that have unique names and abilities. Some, like the DiabloWikiWretched Queen and the DiabloWikiSkeleton King, will always be found in the same place and occur as part of the story. However, legendary creatures can also appear randomly at certain locations or as part of events, and those are a rare treat indeed.

    This time, we’ll be discussing a wily one: DiabloWikiCaretaker McCree, Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper.

    Found in the Cathedral Garden, McCree rose up from the ground when I went poking around the northern corner of the yard.

    Sadly, the closeup view did not have a mustache, as advertised. I suppose hair is a luxury when you’re a skeleton.


    As a boss, he was indeed quite dangerous. The most obvious ability is his Corruption Geyser. He would summon bubbling orange liquid underneath my feet, forcing me to move away or be burned by the evil contained within. I have seen this ability before at Blizzcon 2010, where it was used by bosses with the “Corrupted” enhancement. In addition, his attacks did lightning damage, as evidenced by the blue sparks.

    Most interesting was his Shockwave skill. Occasionally, when I was far away, he would launch several small earth-based projectiles at my monk, pushing him back and dealing heavy damage if he didn’t dodge.

    No other Diablo 3 monster has an ability like this, in the Beta or in previews! We can only imagine what other terrifying monsters can be found hiding in the deepest corners of the beta.


    One last thing to note: DiabloWikiCaretaker McCree most likely got his name from Jesse McCree, a Blizzard employee.

    In addition to the name, Jesse is a lead exterior level designer for World of Warcraft, so both of them have lots of experience making outdoor environments look their best. Thanks, McCree! We’ll try to avoid getting bloodstains on your grounds.

    Ow! Sorry! Sorry! Ow!


    Grug’s, Diablo 3 Cryptozoology documents the author’s efforts to seek out rare legendary creatures in Diablo III and to study their behavior and unique abilities. You may contact Grug to offer suggestions for future pieces.

    Opinions expressed in columns and guest articles are those of their authors, and not necessarily those of Diablo.IncGamers.com

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