Though fmulder and the other forum news tipsters make it fairly redundant, I try to check the “Diablo III” Google news every day. There’s seldom anything we haven’t already covered, and usually most of the items are still discussing some horse we beat to death days ago, as the news trickles belatedly down to general gaming sites. Sometimes it takes longer than a few days though, and I get a weird, just-opened-a-time-capsule feeling when I look.

    That happened today, when the top 6 stories were about Blizzard confirming a Diablo console project by posting console team job openings. Yes, that happened in November, and was barely even news then, after all the non-denials we’d heard about their console interest at Blizzcon and before. And yet it dominated the gaming headlines!

    So why the return today? It seems that Blizzard expanded their job search by cross-posting the job openings at Gamasutra, which spurred a news post there, smaller gaming sites fell all over like those squishable bugs that spill out of Duriel’s corpse.

    So yes, Blizzard has job openings posted for the DiabloWikiDiablo III console project. If there’s news here, it’s that they have not found anyone to fill those jobs in the 3+ months since they posted them. One assumes they’ve got other people working in-house on the console chore, but they clearly need to find a Senior Producer and Lead Designer to get the project moving full speed.

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