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30 thoughts on “D3 Boxes Sighted in the Wild

  1. I stopped by the store that I’m going to be getting my Collector’s Edition at midnight to ask when they were opening the doors and I saw a Diablo III display with the empty display boxes there.  Displays should be at your local stores now… if you care to take a look.  At least in America.
    Oh, and it looked exactly like that box.

  2. Last friday I also held a box of D3 in my hand for the first time at a GameStop. They had like 30 ad boxes of it, but I assumed this was normal by now so I didnt take a photo…still, passing by the shop seeing the game gave me a slight heart attack 😀
    was in Austria, Europe btw.

    • I think the reason this one is news worthy is because it actually has the game in it, not just a promo box.

      At least I assume it is. They’ve gone gold by now, right? I’d expect them to shipping in full swing by now.

  3. And I’ll never have it because I pre-ordered digital copy from 🙁 I would have gotten the physical copy but there are no stores within 500 miles of where I live that will sell it at midnight.

    • But a order at amazon would be possible, eventualy they send it out so, that you got it on monday. So have i made it, if not, a local dealer will penetrated on monday evening, to give me one copy … i want start with serveropening.

    • Me too, ’cause there’s no country within well over 1000 miles around me where Diablo releases on 15th 🙂

      • Oh, there are a lot of countries withing 500 miles around me, except my financial situation isn’t the greatest and my classes don’t end untill the 18th, both of which put a stop to any plans I may have had to travel to another country to buy the game. Also, even If I didn’t have responsiblities and actually had cash, driving across the border 500 miles on crappy roads… 

        EDIT: Also, thank you for putting me in, what, Novosibirsk? Not even close.

  4. Meh, who cares about D3 boxes! I want that pink Disney game with the 2 chicks on the front!  :mrgreen:

  5. I dream of somehow finding one of those (not a display copy) early, then remember the game is online only so it wouldn’t even work.  Ruins all the fun!

  6. mine won’t be like that. mine will be white and much bigger, and it’s gonna be two of them 🙂

  7. Digital copy ftw, I’ll be logging on the second it goes live. Enjoy the trip home guys. 😈

    • but you’ll still suffer through the day1 lagging and connection woes, I doubt you’ll even get an hour of playtime in the first 24-48 hours. I might get my CE a few days to a week later but conditions will be much more favorable at the time, maybe a couple emergency patches later too

      • Hate to say it Solomon, but Blizzard has their s#*t together when it comes to launches of theses types. Star Craft 2 went off without a hitch, and that game had a huge amount of players the first night as well! They know what are they are doing after many launches. I can almost guarantee, by the time you get your CE, the rest of us will be on Nightmare, or even some on Hell difficulty! 

    • I think you’d have plenty of time to make it to the store and back between 9 am and 5 pm, when you can finally start playing.

  8. Also saw this Diablo III regular box in store last friday here at EU area, but no sign of CE yet 😈

  9. I got one and opened it… there was a big ol’ turd inside!
    Shame Blizzard!

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