Forum user Anth provided us with a picture showing Diablo III mock up boxes on store shelves in his local GAME store in the UK. We saw D3 promotional imagery in stores way back in 2009, but these are the first mock up boxes, to spur pre-orders, that I’ve seen. If any of you guys see similar things in stores, do let us know, via the forum or email. It’s interesting to keep an eye on what retailers (and Blizzard) are up to in these “marching towards the beta” days.

    If you want more, we have a whole gallery full of screenshots of online and photos of bricks/mortar retailers pushing fake release dates in order to spur pre-sales. Check the DiabloWikiDiablo III Release Date article in the DiabloWiki for the most up to date, accurate info about that most interesting point on the calendar.

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