D3 Beta Patch: Public Games Return, AH Coming Soon

Blizzard posted the patch notes for Beta Patch 3 – v., and they list some coming features, along with bug fixes. Here’s the new stuff:


  • Public Games are once again available to players. To help us test this automated matchmaking feature, click on “Campaign” and then select “Public Games.”
  • The number of characters playing the selected public quest will now display in the Public Games menu.

The Diablo III DiabloWikiAuction House is coming soon (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/services/auction-house/)! During the beta launch of this system, the following features will be enabled:

  • Gold-based equipment exchange
  • Bid, auto-bid, and buyout functionality
  • Slot-based search filters
  • Toast notifications to track auction progress
  • The ability to put items up for auction directly from the shared stash

It’ll be a weird test of the Auction House since there’s relatively little content in the beta, it’s easy enough that players don’t need great items to succeed, the best items being crafted have Clvl reqs much too high to be used, and without any end game or Arena there’s nothing to push players to really min-max their characters for success. All that said, players will probably dabble in the Auction House just out of curiosity.

There won’t be any Real Money Trading in the Beta version of the Auction House, so apparently we’ll get that system for the first time with the final game. I doubt anyone would care enough about beta items to buy them anyway (though people would surely pay for beta access) but it would be interesting if Blizzard just handed everyone in the beta like $10 in Bobby Bucks™ (that would vanish once the beta ended) just to see how people would play around with them. I guess that wouldn’t work, since it wouldn’t be real money, but it would be something of a limited resource, since anyone can just play and get more gold, but you’d only have 10 Bobby Bucks™ total, unless you obtained more via trading. Which would give them some sense of the scarcity of real money.

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10 thoughts on “D3 Beta Patch: Public Games Return, AH Coming Soon

  1. Hm, seems that there’s still no word of PvP in beta just yet. The arena would make things interesting, especially with how people might gear themselves for PvP- surely it’d be more challenging than fighting Mlvl 6-8 things while being Clvl 13.

  2. The whole handling of the beta is weird.  It’s a glorified demo.  Just release it.  Don’t understand how Blizz is gonna go from a few hundred concurrent connections with F&F beta to several thousand with closed/press beta and then several hundred THOUSAND or million at launch.

  3. Sigh, I kinda wished there wasn’t real money involved in this game but it’s gonna happen anyway even if Blizzard doesn’t do it.

    • Why is that? I would be more than happy if i could sell my items i have in diablo 2 at the moment, as i am not playing it anymore. Rather than dumping those items for free or just let the characters to disappear.

      I think its just great to make extra money out of game i will play for hours after work and make money at the same time, i know i am not going to be a millionaire by diablo but extra is always extra.

  4. My guess is that during beta there will be a lot of people trying to sell their stuff but very few actually buying it…

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