Is the archangel Tyrael in league with the forces of hell? Is he under their control? It’s a long running and popular theory amongst fans who take interest in the Diablo world’s plot and background story, and forum user Sectoid might have found some evidence of it sitting in plain site; in a massive graphic on the official D3 site?

    In a less believable conspiracy theory, this telegenic-fellow claims to have an advance copy of Diablo III, he’s promising to post a great deal of footage at some point, and he’s making a lot of long, talk-filled You Tube videos about it. His “proof” is quite scanty; he occasionally angles the camera to show his monitor screen, but since all the scenes he’s shown thus far are straight out of the WWI gameplay movie, it’s less than convincing. The first video is embedded below, you can see the others in the related links section of the You Tube page.

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