Total Video Games has posted a transcript of an interview they conducted with Blizzard VP DiabloWikiFrank Pearce at the Leipzig convention last week. It’s mostly about Starcraft 2, but has some Diablo 3 mentions as well. Here’s the relevant part:

    TVG: A lot of people were rumouring that Diablo III could hit in 2011 or 2012…

    DiabloWikiColayco: Personally I hope that it’s sooner.

    TVG: But StarCraft II would be released before that, wouldn’t it?

    DiabloWikiPearce: I wouldn’t assume anything. Certainly, that’s our hope – StarCraft II is ahead of Diablo III in the development cycle.

    Also, this might be old news to some, but if you were wondering when we might see Blizzard’s first FPS, it won’t be any time soon. SC Ghost has been abandoned, or as Pearce puts it, “No one is working on it – describe that however you want.”

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