D3 Amongst 2012’s Most Anticipated

I’m sure we’ll see a bunch more such lists in the days to come, but numerous gaming sites are including Diablo III on their “looking forward to 2012” previews. These features generally include just a screenshot and a paragraph of text, so you’re not going to learn anything new from them, but it can be fun to look.

  • Game Ranx has Diablo 3 at #1 on their most wanted list.
  • Game Ranx has Diablo 3 at #4 on their top 2012 list.
  • Game Feed has Diablo 3 on their top 20 list (no rank), and projects a release date of Q4 2012.
  • Digital Spy includes D3 first in their run down of cool new games and systems coming soon in 2012.

I have yet to notice the upcoming SC2 or WoW expansion packs included on any of these lists, though they are scheduled for 2012 as well. Just FYI.

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6 thoughts on “D3 Amongst 2012’s Most Anticipated

    • I should also have mentioned that I haven’t actually been reading any of these previews, and just control+Fing for “diablo.  Which makes the whole comment fairly pointless, in retrospect.

      • So you’re saying that you did not notice SC2 or WoW, clearly asserting that they are apparently not being looked forward to, but you never actually checked the lists?
        Quite the journalist, aren’t you.

  1. bioshock and mass effect 3, games without replayability, ahead of d3? sad

    q4 2012 is quite correct prediction though

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