D2 v1.13 Work Commences

Bashiok posted a quick update on the status of the long-awaited D2X:v1.13 patch.

Update – 9/2
Work commences on patch 1.13. We won’t be providing any information on when the patch will be available, except that we expect the PTR to be available “soon”. We will provide some amount of warning very, very shortly before the PTRs become available. Please keep in mind that any number of factors could delay the start of the PTR and ultimate release of the patch. Thanks for being patient, we’re getting close now.

PTR = Patch Test Realm. We’re going to get to try this one out before it goes live, and yes, they’re planning to introduce respecs (in some unknown form) into D2 with this patch.

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1 thought on “D2 v1.13 Work Commences

  1. “WAHH, the coloring of this arcane orb is unrealistic, WAHHHH”

    I’ve never seen an arcane orb. Nobody has. Nobody has a mana pool to fire arcane orbs. We do not know what color they are supposed to be. Maybe one day, I’ll shoot an arcane orb out of my staff made of the skin of a demon and discover that they’re bright purple. What then? Your “blended” sand colored orb is unrealistic.

    I hate the people who come up with these ridiculous diagrams trying to convince Blizzard that in Sanctuary (a made up place) there cannot be rainbows or bright colors.

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