D2 Monster Fan Art Demands an Audience

I occasionally post Diablo 2 fan art during slow weekends, but since 1) I keep doing RL things on weekends and forgetting, and 2) we’re smack in the middle of the slowest week on the Internet all year since everyone’s on vacation, I bet you guys would enjoy something new to look at, even on a Tuesday night.

So here they are, two new awesome pieces of Diablo 2 fan art, both by UnidColor. These show off just monsters, without any of those annoying, distracting humans that are always blundering through the jungles and dungeons and causing problems for their rightful inhabitants. The Act Two piece is a great look at the Maggot Queen in her lair, with smaller maggots, the “what are they doing with a treasure chest?”, and even a Desert Beetle coming through that green gloopy door blocking slime. The Act Three piece is a jungle scene featuring a Fetish Shaman, a Giant Mosquito, and a literally giant Thorned Hulk.

I really enjoy both of these, especially since Blizzard North released very little of their high quality art from the Diablo 2 days. You can see some cool concept art of monsters and characters in the gallery, but almost none of environments, and there were no stand-alone paintings of the style the Diablo 3 artists turn out these days.

I hope the artist does some more, as they make up for the lack of original D2 artworks? Which areas, though? What levels of the game/monsters found there would you most want to see? Personally, I’d vote for Act Four. Flesh Spawners were very creepy, the glowing skeletal Finger Mages would look great in artwork, and some of the surface area artwork in Hell was great. Like that roofless ruined church with the huge stained glass windows, in the City of the Damned…

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8 thoughts on “D2 Monster Fan Art Demands an Audience

    • Yeah, it was very well done. Brings back memories of being blocked by all of the Necromancer summons, back when you couldn’t walk through them.

    • And I had a field time playing Necro in the same dungeon 😛 I just Bone Spirit-ed every narrow passage in front of me.

      D2 was so awesome.

  1. Diablo 2  <3

    I almost forgot about those tree things.. I see this and first thing that pops into my mind is that creaking noise they made.. oh wait!  Closely followed by my fear for the lightning-damage champion in front of the Kurast Bazaar.

  2. Oh thanks so mutch for posting them Flux, i forgot do so myself even tho i visit here daily for all the great news.
    I must say thank you to you all and im glad you all seem to enjoy em, it really motivates me to continue the serie!

    I did start on an image for act one, however i ended up deleting it as it wasnt living up to my expectations, it actually was centered around the 5 pillars in stony field during the process of opening it when the storm is going down 🙂
    I have also considered the dark woods with that tree surrounded by the yeties or possibly one of those monsters that is just a tower spitting out those small flying creatures.

    Act 4 as you said Flux indeed has a very good set of enivornment, i would love to try paint some part of that, with some monster included in it.

    When i have time i will continue and i will post them here somewere when they are done.
    Thanks and soon to come a great new year!

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