D2 Ladder Reset is Done

The Diablo II B.net ladder reset was today, and after a false start for technical difficulties, the realms are back up and in their (momentarily) tabula rasa state. So get in there and enjoy making new characters in the fresh economy. Bashiok posted a few updates on the process today:

The Ladder will be reset today, March 28. Previously announced to reset at approximately 9:00 a.m. PDT, it has been delayed until an anticipated 10:00 a.m. PDT*.

10:00:19 AM PDT—The reset is beginning now.

10:22:40 AM PDT—The reset is expected to conclude by 11:00 a.m. PDT.

11:54:47 AM PDT—We’re aware the ladders are not properly reset and some characters made immediately after the realms came live are unable to create games. We’re investigating these issues and will offer an update as soon as we have additional info.

11:55:40 AM PDT—Realms are coming back down to address these issues.

12:57:37 PM PDT—Reset has completed and realms are on their way back up.

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1 thought on “D2 Ladder Reset is Done

  1. problem with starcraft2 is that professional gamers are already suggesting it may not live up to the standard of warcraft 3. many of the warcraft 3 professional gamers have moved to starcraft 2 and are already commenting on the possible limits to esports. i know this is only a portion of the players, and the scene, but that is what the game was designed around; esports and balanced play.

    warcraft has the added dimension of unit micro as well as macro. starcraft2 has very limited micro – and which is not as important – but is majorly dictated by macro. build orders, timing, unit types and disposal. this makes it a more limited game, but it is an avenue blizzard needed to go down as it is true to the starcraft genre. i suspect it also has to do with the fact warcraft4 would be made redundant had the introduced micro to the equation for starcraft2. people would be RTS saturated if that had happened.

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