Another batch of Diablo 2 jigsaw screenshots are up today. As with the previous updates, we’re putting in high quality, recently-created ones by Alibabos, along with archival stuff from a decade ago.

    Early and late levels, today. To the right and below you can see the Throne of Destruction and Worldstone, the last two levels of Act Five. The Worldstone level especially looks much bigger than it plays, to me. The thumbs below are three different versions of the Burial Grounds, from Act One. There’s a fan-made version created pre-release, a Necromancer-tastic view of it from a Diablo 2 magazine ad, and then post-release, full quality version. All of these jigsaws are huge images; thousands of pixels wide, so click through to the big versions and scroll around to see all the details you can’t really appreciate while playing and seeing just a screen of it at a time.



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