D2 Features Compared to D3 Features

Rhyno alerts us that IGN has posted a nine-minute video comparing most of the major game systems from D2 vs. D3. The presentation is much broader than it is deep, with quick and necessarily superficial coverage, but it hits on almost every major game system, including skills, items, inventory, crafting, combat, mercs, and more. It’s a pretty good video, aside from the baffling fact that every big of D2 action shows the characters walking instead of running.

The IGN article with the video is here, but the vid played like crap for me, with more buffering than a RealPlayer vid circa 2003. It also lacks an embed option. Happily, I did find the video on YT from a Russian D3 fansite, and it plays smoothly, but it’s only 360px quality, so full screen is a pixel-fest. I’ll update the embed once the full vid is on YT in HQ.

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38 thoughts on “D2 Features Compared to D3 Features

  1. Watching that video really put to rest any doubts about D3. The Good really does out weight the Bad. I got bored with the beta but every other day i couldn’t resist not going back to it. 

  2. I was hoping you wouldn’t put this video here – it’s so pointless!

    I mean honestly – comparing the Monk to the PALADIN?  They’re both holy warriors, but the Monk obviously has far more in common with the Assassin as an agility-based martial arts class with a combo system of sorts.   

    Mana also being a ‘fast-regenerating resource’  – these guys have NOT done their homework and are basing their opinions entirely off very limited beta playtime.

    They also leave out really good innovations such as the fact that your Followers are not mere ‘classes’, but fleshed-out and unique characters who provide interesting dialogue, some even unique to the class you’re playing!

    It’s just so…..blargh…. 

      • That’s true, but do mantras alone make the Monk more of a Paladin analogue compared to the rest of that class’ kit? 😐

    • Well, in regards to comparing evolution of classes from D2 to D3, most of the classes in D3 are actually hybrids between two D2 classes.
      -Monk is combination of Martial Arts Assassin with Paladin, plus original content.
      -Demon Hunter is combination of Trap Assassin with Bowazon + original stuff, of course.
      -Witch Doctor is part Necromancer with a lot of original elements.
      -Wizard and Barbarian are both evolutions of Sorceress and Barbarian. 

      • All fine with exception to Witch Doctor, he is closer to Druid than Necro:
        – jungle theme
        – fire, poison
        – very small amount of controlled minions.
        You should not forgot that class progression went like that D2->WoW->D3. Whole idea of unique resources and some spells, mechanics are from WoW. Runes too.

    • I would actually argue it’s a fairly competent video for a large entity like IGN. Of course it’s not informative to us at all, but to other players who haven’t picked up D2 in a while or haven’t been following D3 development, it’s a very useful video.

      Your points are valid criticisms, however they are so nit-picky as to be undeserving of a mention. For example, they used the Assassin as an analogue to the Demon Hunter, which is clearly more true an analogy than the Monk – using the same old character as a reference for two new ones would be confusing to someone with limited knowledge of D3.

      I can’t comment on the mana thing as I have no beta experience.

      I would agree that including the extra information about followers would have been useful, but it’s hardly a major flaw in the quality of the video – it’s merely a valid improvement.

      Something I was impressed with was the mention of there not being a Druid-inspired character, and how this void could possibly be filled in an expansion. That information I felt was unnecessary but well-researched nonetheless, it shows awareness of the franchise, the current game, as well as representing current community thoughts and discussions (that very topic is one of the major threads in D3 general chat on this site right now).

  3. Uhhhh… appearently there has been sitting a D3 beta key in my email acc I never use and I checked it today.
    This is the fourth key I won from contests and I have no use to keep it, because 1 active acc is enough for me. Already gave 2 away before.
    So to whoever reads this first and be fast enough can grab this key 🙂
    Have fun with it!
    Don’t be sad if you weren’t first because only 37 days and some hours till release 😀

  4. So basically its Diablo 2.5 with a more sophisticated crafting system along with WoWish colorful art design. Sounds about right but they left out one improtant factor, Matt Uelmen’s awesome music which made D2 feel like a real Diablo game. 

    • Sigh

      You prefer D2 over D3? Cool. You feel it looks better than D3? I’m cool with that too, though I don’t agree. You’re saying it sounds better than D3? Cool, but that’s a matter of opinion.
      So everything is cool, right?
      – Just please stop those stupid, pointless and flawed WoW comparisons!

    • Have to agree on Matt Uelmen’s music. Haven’t heard any real good music in Diablo 3 so far. Diablo 1 & 2 music is fantastic, and the music makes a big part of a game. But given the new art style of Diablo 3 in general, the previous Diablo music probably doesn’t fit anyway.

  5. But it doesnt have WoWish colorful art. Watch some of the skill preview video. Its dark. Sometimes darker than D2. Its closer to D1.  There are a few changes not just the crafting system.
    Matt Uelmen created 90 min of music for D3 before he left Blizzard. 

    Maybe you should watch/read stuff before you post wrong assumptions. 

  6. Id say the Amazon was a lot more like the DH…not the assassin. Also its lame how he said “its the same routine running back to town to sell items” i think its completely different (for the better)…first off all our inventory is way bigger (less running back to town) and the game doesn’t place a big role on selling items, its much more profitable (based on the beta) to just pick up gold, and salvage rare items. 

    • It would also have been nice for them to mention exactly how you get back to town in Diablo 3 – as they explained that we used Town Portals in Diablo 2, the Diablo 3 equivalent (and any mechanics changes) would have been useful.

  7. I guess we really are at filler articles at this point awaiting the games release, eh?
    Your work is appreciated nonetheless 🙂
    Hey question though–when the game releases, will you guys post articles about exploits that are found, and other things of that nature–xp exploits, etc..? 

  8. Don’t have to since I been in beta for awhile now but some see what they want to see. 🙂

  9. There’s nothing new here. I think Blizzard did manage to make a game that is true to the Diablo fashion yet being completely different. It is a hard balance to achieve and they nailed it.

  10. For those who think D2 is superior to D3, the option to stick with that game remains – I’ve had a good time with Diablo 2, even met my wife playing it, but it’s time to move on. And D3 is a step in the right direction.

    When D3 was announced back in 2008, Jay Wilson said they could just have remade D2 and most fans would have been happy with that, and I would have been one of them. Seeing how the game has turned out, I’m glad they didn’t.

  11. I didn’t have any trouble with IGN on 720p Full Screen. Also there were plenty of D2 battles where the hero was running. Mostly it was the Assassin videos where she was mostly walking.

    As for content, I thought this was a pretty awesome comparison. They weren’t all completely accurate, but they were close enough to give a feeling of “I cannot WAIT for Diablo 3!!” Watching them flip between D2 graphics and D3 graphics, the size of our inventory now!, the Blacksmith crafting system, all whilst keeping the same basic fighting loot-scoring principles… Blizzard pretty much rocked the sequel. 

  12. I’m not sure this guy ever played D2 or D3 and he pronounces “mana” incorrectly.  Why would you not compare the monk to a martial assassin or the DH to an amazon?

    Well done IGN.

  13.  It’s a pretty good video, aside from the baffling fact that every big of D2 action shows the characters walking instead of running.

    Every big of what of D2 Action?

  14. Its a good video that’s very informative for those like myself that have been playing other games while waiting for D3. I don’t know everything about D3 yet and really that video almost had too much info. The crafting system looks like the best improvement so far. D2’s crafting was too limited, fun but limited. Looks like this game will shit all over D2. 😀

  15. oh how I wish D3 was not online only. Quick question, I have a 1mb connection that is pretty stable, you think it will handle D3?

  16. Can I just say this: IGN incorrectly represented D2 in the skills overview section. He states that you can only have 2 skills active at any one time in D2, and then says that you can have 6 skills active in D3. If we’re making this comparison, then you can say that you can have more active skills in D2 than D3. It’s just that you assign them to the F1-F12 keys. Yeah there’s only 2 “slots” represented in the UI, but it could’ve been researched a bit more.
    Overall pretty cool. Nod to IGN.

  17. The purpose of it was to have something in common with D1…which is far better then D2…but whatever.

    Classes are similar to D2 but not quite? Sorceress is still sorceress…still casts spells…if there are just other spells that makes it different? I don’t think so. So barb AND sorc are from D2.

    Skill system is all fukd up. I like the D2 system far more. Just random combination till you get the right rune is crap. All will get the right rune eventually. Just like in D2 all got just the right skill tree combination eventually, and there was no other variation, just one right solution. The difference was made by the items and fighting strategy if one could say that in junction (items/skills).

    I still think D3 will be a good game. But in the context in which Jay allways said it should be a completly new game different from D2…why does everyone allways bring D2 into dicussion and such comparisons are made?

    It is kind of innapropriate in my opinion. 

  18. Apart from his annoying voice it is an ok video for people who don’t know about diablo3.

  19. I cant help to myself but d2 looks better then d3 on that video i hope in real it looks better .. also hope that addon which will clear the blurry would work at release. Wowish kind of monsters are bad but nothing to do about it … sadly

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