Rhyno alerts us that IGN has posted a nine-minute video comparing most of the major game systems from D2 vs. D3. The presentation is much broader than it is deep, with quick and necessarily superficial coverage, but it hits on almost every major game system, including skills, items, inventory, crafting, combat, mercs, and more. It’s a pretty good video, aside from the baffling fact that every big of D2 action shows the characters walking instead of running.

    The IGN article with the video is here, but the vid played like crap for me, with more buffering than a RealPlayer vid circa 2003. It also lacks an embed option. Happily, I did find the video on YT from a Russian D3 fansite, and it plays smoothly, but it’s only 360px quality, so full screen is a pixel-fest. I’ll update the embed once the full vid is on YT in HQ.

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