The reposting of my D2-era comedy holiday short stories continues with the Easter special from 2003. After the wacky hijinks displayed between the characters and monsters on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, things take a turn for the serious on Easter, as treachery breaks out. Can the characters fight off the demonic hordes? Will the downtrodden Necromancer stop lusting at the Amazon for long enough to redeem himself? Is the Barbarian really wearing a pink bunny suit?  All these questions are answered in one action-packed, humorous holiday tale.

    Here’s a quote: click the link to read the whole piece in our FFF. Links to the first three installments in the series are posted atop the tale.

    “What kind of special feast?” the Paladin asked. “Is it some sort of religious thing?”

    “Yeah,” broke in the Assassin, “and are we all invited?”

    Diablo and Andariel laughed together. “Of course you’re invited,” the Maiden of Anguish said, “we couldn’t have the feast without you!”

    “It wouldn’t be polite.” Diablo added quickly, throwing Andariel a sideways look. “You are our guests. Just as we dined together last Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine’s Day, we will eat together this fine Easter Eve.”

    “Well, should we save some room for later? I mean we’re all so stuffed, I don’t know how hungry we’ll be for dinner.” the Paladin pointed out.

    “Oh no, eat up!” Diablo answered. “The dinner feast is a special dish that you are welcome to try, but it’s a demon specialty and not one that you humans are likely to enjoy.”

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