Our friends over at the Diii.de have posted a v1.13 update to the D2 Classic Mod. This is not a total conversion type mod, but one that preserves the standard Diablo 2 play experience, while making numerous minor fixes and improvements. Like all mods, it’s not playable through Battle.net, but only SP, or with others who have the same mod installed.  This mod patch also includes the D2 Magic Cube, with new Horadric Cube recipes that enable characters to create every item in the game, including the highest level runewords and uniques.

    The D2ClassicMod now brings back the original monster setups to Act 5. So, for example, there are no more imba ‘Black Souls’ blasting the hell out of you when you enter the Worldstone Keep—it’s all gone. Instead, you’ll find a balanced monster setup that makes the game fun to play again, through all game difficulties from ‘Normal’ to ‘Hell’. Also included as extra are all recipes of the D2MagicCube Mod for Diablo II LoD, which allows you to create almost all game items directly on your character using the Horadric Cube!

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