Seeing as Rob Pardo is the VP of Game Design, he was bound to be talking about Game Design when CVG had the opportunity to speak to him. Unfortunately, they mostly just touched on StarCraft 2 and WoW development, but also talked about general questions, such as how they evolve their games during the development.

    Here is a short quote from the interview:

    Who has the final say, then? Who is the boss?

    Rob: Here’s the funny thing. When I bring people from certain types of cultures, it takes them time to understand the answer to that question. Everyone on the team has the power to veto. It’s the team that’s approving the game. If I veto something or approve something by myself it’s only if the team allows it to happen.

    On one of my games, I had one of my designers kept coming to me to approve stuff. I had to say, “Yeah, I like it, but you should talk to person a, b, and c, to see if they like it.” He replied “But you like it, can’t I just put it in the game?” I said “you can, but it’s at your own peril, because if they don’t like it, we’ll go back and change it.”

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