Cursed Realms… New Reaper of Souls mini-game?

Datamining to the Cursed Realms

Datamining to the Cursed Realms

Curious info datamined from Patch 2.2.0 on the PTR, with reveals text strings about a new game features called the “Cursed Realms.” There’s no official info about this yet and the PTR isn’t playable, so it might just be rough notes for some future feature that’s still a work in progress.

At any rate, here’s the incomplete info we’ve got so far, courtesy of former-MVP Drothvader on the forums. Cursed Realms… New Reaper of Souls mini-game?

So it looks like Blizzard is adding some new content in 2.2.0 called Cursed Realms.

For All Cursed Realms – Your skills and gear do not function in this realm.

  • Healing is Supressed.
  • Pets and Followers are Removed.
  • Collect Vials by walking through them or all at once with the Ethereal Grasp power.
  • EDIT: After looking this over it appears to be a little minigame that you have a random chance of being able to play. Perhaps it spawns randomly after a bounty or after killing a goblin!

  • Explosive Wake – You drop Explosions behind you every 2 seconds! Don’t stop!
  • Permanant Conduit – Lightning strikes everything around you! Enemies explode in Molten death!
  • Arcane Death – Nearby enemies die, creating dangerous arcane beams! Your Movement Speed progressively increases!
  • Random Teleportation – You teleport up to 5 times times every 5 seconds!! Enemies cast Thunderstorm all around you!!
  • Random Speed – Your movement Speed changes randomly every 4 seconds!! Enemies cast Thunderstorm all around you!!
  • Spirit Totems – Spirit Totems explode when you are near!
  • Frozen Statues – Enemies are Frozen Statues. They explode into Frost Novas on approach!!
  • Cursed Realm Results – Final Reagent Total: You Collected: [VALUE] / You lost: [VALUE]

    The concept seems to be that Cursed Realms are a kind of mini-game, perhaps accessed through a special portal? And there your character is just a tackling dummy, unable to use skills or equipment, and you’ve got to avoid enemies and move around as allowed by the seven different types of realms. It’s not clear what sort of rewards you’d gain, and it sounds like you can actually lose value also, according to that ending text. So it’s a sort of gambling? And it sounds potentially lethal, but one assumes failing just puts you back to the start, like the old Crumbling Vault event, or else HC wouldn’t risk it without gear accessible.

    On the whole it sounds fun, or at least very different, but the fact nothing about Cursed Realms was mentioned in the Patch 2.2.0 Preview, and that there are several typos/misspellings in the text makes me think it’s something still at an early state of development, that the devs probably wish they’d removed from the game version before it could be datamined and disseminated in posts like this one.

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    1. Sounds lame. The excessive use of exclamation marks makes it worse.

    2. sounds fun im kinda sick doing greater rifts or bounties.. needs more then that..

    3. if real, a hardcore challenge (?)

    4. Mayhaps early data for an equivalent of the Greed's Domain portal, left behind by the 'Insufferable Miscreant' goblin?

    5. . . but does it sound 'Diablo?'

    6. Is it that close to April 1st already ? 😉

    7. Back when the Boon of the Horder was known as the "Gem of Goldsplosion!!!!" I remember there being a lot of excited exclamation marks. (And on all of the beta legendary gems, actually.) I guess you can tell how far along a feature is by how many exclamation marks there are.

      I'm pretty sure we were promised new bounty types. So this would be it! I bet it works like cursed shrines and cursed chests. Except instead of shrines and chests, the target object will be a portal. Click on it and OH NO you're in crazy obstacle course land! You pass or fail, then exit via obelisk to where you entered like it's no big deal.

    8. Why doesn't Blizzard spend more time on making more monsters to fight and more environments to interact with instead of this exercise in futility….

    9. Sounds a whole lot (almost identical) like some of the PoE events to me… If so they can be a ton of fun at times, and nothing short of enraging at others.

    10. I hope this will be cool, and I'll wait until we see more to pass judgement.

    11. Say what? Seriously? I wonder if this is a load screen game, now that that's a thing again.

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