Cursed Chests debuted on the PTR and were an awesome feature in the Reaper of Souls beta. (Our first look article on CCs from early in the Beta.) They’re in Diablo 3v2 also, if a bit less prominently than in Reaper (where they are often Bounty objectives) and players just experiencing them for the first time have some questions and comments. Here’s a blue reply on the issue:

    Cursed chest/shrine question

    Unluckily after a couple hours of playing last night before bed I wasn’t able to find one of these 🙁

    I was wondering if the cursed chests (never seen anything about cursed shrines) were always in the same place and just had a random % chance to spawn (like events are now). Or if they were 100% random and all over the place.

    For example my friend found a cursed chest in caves of areanea this morning and text me about it. Will that specific chest/event ONLY spawn in that area or could it spawn anywhere throughout act 1 and the events tied to them are just random when you get one.
    Nevalistis: Cursed events are similar to other events in the game. They do have some degree of randomness, such as where exactly in a dungeon they spawn (if they spawn at all). However, if you do see a Cursed Chest, you won’t see that particular event anywhere else in the game.

    I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am! They’re one of my favorite new features, I always get excited when I run into one.

    As the Blue says, there are certain places on the levels where you might find a Cursed Chest. It’s a bit like Golden chests, which are a lot more common and variable in location, but you learn that some places will often have one. Some of the Cursed Chest locations are fixed, and you’ll either get a chest there or you won’t. It’ll never be just around the corner. The most popular so far in D3v2 is near the waypoint in the Halls of Agony 2. When it appears (maybe every 4th game when you get the right level layout) it’s in the middle of the lower section where all those fire grates and flaming zombies roam, and if you get that one it will always be the “kill 100” type. If you complete the full 100 you get a big exp/gold bonus, and a second chest appears.

    Something should be here...

    Something should be here…

    The other common type of Cursed Chest in D3v2 is the “Kill five waves” chest. These are usually triggered by clicking a Red shrine, sometimes with a chest beside it. I’ve seen those less often, and only in a few places so far in D3v2. in D3v2 I’ve seen them in the hellish Arreat Crater levels, in a big open room in the Act 3 Keep Level 2, and in the Act 2 desert. (These types could spawn many more places in RoS, but they seem less common in D3v2.) The waves get progressively more numerous and have more mid-level enemies (shamans and such), you generally need to save your power ups and buffs for the later waves, and if you finish all five a second chest appears.

    The third type of Cursed Chest is the quickie “kill this group of trash mobs/Champions/Yellow Elite/Purple SuperUnique.” Those were scattered all over the levels in RoS almost as commonly as golden chests, and were quick fun little exp bursts. You did not get a second chest if you completed them in time. I have yet to see any Cursed Chest of this type in D3v2.

    On the whole, Cursed Chests are fairly awesome and I wish they were as common in D3v2 as they were in the RoS beta. After I played so much Reaper beta, the locations of the red chests seem very familiar to me in D3v2, so if they’re confusing you now, don’t worry. You just need some more reps to learn where they tend to appear.

    Learn them. Love them. They love you. Click through for a big gallery of Cursed Chest action shots, mostly from the Reaper of Souls Beta.

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