A fan asks about a system to upgrade the quality of current items and gets his hopes and dreams show down by a rapid blue reply.

    I’m still wondering if post-expansion we’ll be able to upgrade the level of the current items (i said “upgrade the level”, not “reroll stats”). We all know they are going to increase the level cap, so, what about the items level 63? Garbage?
    Nevalistis: At this time, we don’t have plans for an “item upgrade” system in the manner that you’re describing.

    As your character gets more powerful (read: levels up from 60-70), higher level gear will become available to you. That aspect of loot acquisition isn’t really being changed – higher level characters will, naturally, find higher level loot and want to replace their lower level loot. Current gear shouldn’t lose its value. That said, with the changes coming in Loot 2.0, you may find new gear that better compliments your build, and you should find upgrades just as you did when you climbed your way to 60.

    I assume Nevalistis means “as your character fights higher level enemies” rather than “levels up for 60-70” since in D3V it’s the area and monster level that matters; not your character’s (except as that builds your own power and allows you to put on better gear). And that’s what I’m actually more curious about. In D3V ilvl 50-59 gear is junk compared to ilvl 60-63, and you can’t find 60+ until you’re in Inferno. Will RoS be the same, with all the best stuff ilvl 70? Or will good rolls on ilvl 64-69 have some potential high end value as well?

    As for the upgrade system, there’s some precedent — the Diablo 2 Expansion had cube recipes that let players upgrade Rares and Uniques from Normal to Exceptional, or Exceptional to Elite quality. But that game had a very different item system, with all base item types repeated 3 times in rough overlap with the 3 difficulty levels, so upgrading from one to the next was logical.

    That wouldn’t really make sense in Diablo 3 with its steady progression of item types through all difficulty levels, and it would be cheesy to go right from the start in RoS (it was added to D2X in a patch years later). After all, the whole point of adding higher level content in the D3 expansion (and removing the Auction House) is to let players fight tougher monsters to earn better gear; not to just buy it in the AH or craft it in town. And that’s not even mentioning all of the general difficulty changes, shuffling of values for affixes, adding new affixes, implementing hardcaps to some properties, removing leech at lvl 70, etc.

    High end gear in RoS is going to be *better* than what we see now in D3V, but it’s also going to be *different* in the stats and values of those stats, and it seems like the devs need to balance that around characters who are all equipped in new RoS gear; not upgraded versions of D3V gear. Whether or not you guys like that change remains to be seen, so how about a vote:

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