The early stand out strategy/overpowered property in Reaper of Souls is the Crushing Blow modifier. Yes, it’s returned from Diablo 2 and it works much the same, cutting 25% of the current health off of normal enemies and 12.5% off of bosses. It’s not a big deal on lower difficulty levels where you can take out enemies in just a few hits, but when you get to higher difficulty levels, Crushing Blow becomes enormously powerful.

    Big enemies on Torment IV have “billions” of hit points, enough to make even those 800k and 1000k and 1200k DPS figures feel flaccid. But when you’ve got 40% Crushing Blow and a fast attack, any monster’s hit points will simply melt away. (Providing you can survive long enough to turn up the heat.) Blizzard is aware of this and has a tweak planned for the next beta patch, as EU Blue Vaneras shared:

    We are in a super early beta testing phase right now, and there are still lots of things that need tuning and also bugs that need fixing.

    The developers’ intentions with Crushing Blow is for it to be competitive with stats like Increased Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, or Critical Hit Damage, but obviously it will need some tuning if it clearly trumps all of those other stats.

    We are of course interested in reading more of your thoughts on Crushing Blow, so please keep posting your feedback on it 🙂

    Currently, a Crushing Blow hits for 25% health against normal monsters, for 12.5% health against elites, and it will hit for 5% health against bosses after the next beta patch has launched.

    Keeping in mind that Crushing Blow is subject to changes and tuning since it has to compete with other stats (Increased Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage), what are your thoughts on these percentages?

    To give you guys some insight into this, and bear in mind that number are a lot higher in RoS than in D3V. In Reaper of Souls, with good gear and offensive skills/passives, it isn’t hard to get 1,000,000+ DPS. Which sounds great, and dominates the lower difficulty levels, but that DPS means nothing on higher levels of Torment where bosses have literally billions of hit points.

    CB because... Crushing!

    CB because… Crushing!

    CB spawns in the 5-8% range on gloves, shoulders, rings, amulets, and weapons. (And probably some legendaries in other slots, though I’ve not seen them yet.) It’s super effective, especially on higher difficulty levels, but it requires and rewards specialization. Since going the Crushing Blow route, my DH has loaded up on hit points and resistance and especially on life regen (Brooding is 1.5 in RoS, but it stacks to 3x if you remain motionless.), exchanged DiabloWikiCritical hit Chance and flat DPS for more Crushing, shifted all of her DiabloWikiOffensive Tab Paragon Points into DiabloWikiAttack Speed for more proc chances, etc. She’s now dealing 200k lower DPS than a couple of days ago and is *less* effective on lower difficulty levels, but much better at higher difficulty levels where the big Crushing Blow % chance chews chunks off of the huge monsters in ways that DPS alone could not.

    Is this cheesy? You could argue so, but I don’t really think so since it’s working as designed. Crushing Blow isn’t some one-stat-dominates-all play options the way some things (Barbarians) are now in the live game, Like I said, my Demon Hunter is actually worse at lower difficulties now, in exchange for being able to chew hps off of the giant enemies. And the focus on CB and higher diffs changes how I play; no longer am I about mobility and evasion; now I’m built as a tank to deal the most hits possible in a short time and isn’t that what the game is all about? Different skills and affixes working together to support new builds or play styles?

    The question then becomes what can you do better with the traditional DiabloWikitrifecta stats than with CB, and aside from dominating lower difficulty levels (where there’s FAR less danger of death) I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe if CB came with slower attack speed, or was only found on certainly legendaries so it was a real trade off?

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