Crushing Blow Mechanic Finally Removed from Diablo 3

news-rimeheart-furnaceDiabloWikiCrushing Blow was a powerful modifier in Diablo 2, but was not found in Diablo 3 vanilla. It appeared briefly during the Reaper of Souls beta test, but was soon deemed too powerful and removed. The Crushing Blow mechanic — reducing monster hit points by a % of their total — lived in in a few places, most notably on the Monk’s Exploding Palm, as well as via legendary affixes on Rimeheart and The Furnace weapons.

Wyatt Cheng said all three were on the chopping block back in early July, and the Monk’s DiabloWikiExploding Palm got switched from monster hit point percentage-based damage in a patch just a few days later. The latest PTR patch brought a similar fate to the two offending weapons, and Blizzard is now asking for focused fan feedback on the new changes to DiabloWikiThe Furnace and DiabloWikiRimeheart. Crushing Blow Mechanic Finally Removed from Diablo 3:

Furnace and Rimeheart Changes

As some of you are aware, we made a changes to a few items so that their damage no longer scales with monster health. The most recent changes in line with this philosophy were made to the Legendary items Rimeheart and the Furnace:


  • Has been redesigned
  • 10% chance to instantly deal 1800-2400% weapon damage as Cold to Frozen enemies
  • Formerly: 10% chance to shatter and instantly kill lesser enemies that are Frozen.
  • The Furnace

  • Has been redesigned
  • Increases damage against elites by 40-50%
  • Formerly: Dealing damage has a chance to deal (6-8)% of the enemy’s current health as Fire damage.
  • As noted above, the primary goal of these changes was to remove their Crushing Blow mechanics. From there, our secondary goal was to rebalance both items so that they would remain compelling choices for players, but not necessarily be best in slot.

    In the case of The Furnace, the redesign is aimed to keep the item in line with one of its primary uses on live to kill bosses. In the case of Rimeheart, the chance on hitting a Frozen enemy with a lot of Cold damage was kept, and the additional tuning is intended to allow Rimeheart to remain competitive with the current best Legendary 1-Handers in the game. With that goal in mind, we do agree Rimeheart’s current damage on the PTR is a little low and are looking to increase its damage in the next PTR patch.

    If you’ve got one or both items to test out on the PTR, you can submit your feedback to Blizzard in the original thread. I do not have them so I can not comment, but I’m not surprised by this change. Greater Rifts and the nearly-infinite monster hit point increases seen on higher levels just put too sharp a focus on any skills or items that deal percentage-based damage.

    While the changes obviously reduce the power of these weapons against monsters with a billion hit points, I wonder where the power curve line can be drawn? Rimeheart is obviously worse since no amount of weapon damage can beat “instantly shatter” to a target. But like Exploding Palm before it, The Furnace could actually do better work now, on lower difficulty levels. Not that anyone wanted that, but I’m just saying…


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    1. A new furnace well rolled on strength, damage% and cooldown reduction on primaries, would be like the most perfect wet dream in waiting for a ramaladni drop to happen, the game could possibly offer to a crusader players accepting hands: Open to skillchanges, with inert elite damage boost freeing up slots normally taken by pieces of Aughild's or Oculus, if in the mood of experimenting with more legendary affixes around, or even centering around elite damage, elemental and skill affixes and still becoming quite viable with no real need of additional legendary affix or set boni. Me want!

    2. Is there still that Elite Damage diminishing returns bug? If you have a Furnace, then don't you NOT want a SoJ, or vice versa? Doesn't the DR kick in hard and neuter the slightly lesser source of Elite Damage?

    3. So are these changes going to be retroactive? If so then they need to make all changes retroactive to the other legendary items receiving either refurbished effects or new effects, as they have stated those items changes will NOT be retroactive (I.e. Angel Hair Band, Eternal Union, etc.).

      • Yes the nerfs are retroactive and can be seen on the PTR. The buffs however are not. Blizzard could not find an elegant solution to these two weapons in greater rifts, so they just removed what made them special. Personally, I thought that crushing blow might just have been what was needed to combat CHC and CHD. Unfortunately, Blizzard has gone with the easy solution rather than balancing appropriately.

        • “Combat” them? How so?
          Crushing blow was a completely broken mechanic because it worked completely independently of all other player stats; you could literally try and lower you damage output as much as possible and still deal massive damage with it.
          CH and CD however are multiples of base damage, just like IAS, IWD, elemental+, main stat, etc, all of which build off of one another. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    4. I'm pretty okay with both changes, though I think that each of them should be a little higher. For Rimeheart, I think that the damage itself is probably fine, but the range is pretty bad: unlike some other legendaries, where a bad roll is just like 50-75% worse than the best roll, the worst roll on Rimeheart is 600% damage worse than the max roll. Clearly, this is too high of a range on rolls. It should probably be changed to a roll of like 2300% – 2500%, which gives it a slight buff (like the devs said they were going to), but mostly makes it so that even if you roll badly, you aren't getting that shafted.

      For The Furnace, I think that the damage numbers could stand to go up a bit. It's basically a 2-handed version of Sun Keeper now, so I think that they should keep it in line with that idea and make it 45-60% Elite Damage. However, I'm not on the PTR, so I haven't actually tested The Furnace; as a result, it could well be just fine where it is.

      In terms of retroactive changes, I do have a question: since the legendary affix roll usually happens when the legendary drops, how are legendary affixes going to roll on the retroactively-changed items? It would be really, really lame if they didn't roll with affixes at all. The changes to both Rimeheart and Furnace are fine, but making all the old versions lose their specialness would be a very bad way to fix the problem.

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