Crusader Skill Trees Revealed

We posted screencaps from the gameplay movie in the mega thread (full gallery here), but here are the press kit screenshots showing off many other things. Most notably, these have shots of the Crusader’s skill UI, showing off the passive and some active skills, plus shots of some of his abilities in action. Clearly they’re still works in progress, but quite far along already.

There’s already confusion over that Inventory image, which looks simplified/dumbed down, and has the Crusader dressed like the Black Knight ready for a flesh wound. Also, “Toughness?” No sign of the DiabloWikiTalisman either, and no mention of it in the press conference = not coming back in RoS.




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  1. So it looks like the Paragon 2.0 is somehow also tied to the skill system 🙂 Awesome 🙂

    • Where do you get that from? It’s only located in the skill menu out of ease of access. The screenshots of it look more like stat like allocation and nothing with skills. I hope I’m wrong and they have at least mentioned skills as a possibility in the past, but I don’t see anything that points to the actual skills being involved.

  2. Good*.
    Also this video is taken from gamescom gameplay with commentary.

  3. Also, Flux – I left two news pieces in the big post:
    1) The official press release that for some reason has doesn’t load on Blizzard site.
    2) Changes to game systems will come in a free patch – confirmed by Blizzard Polish CM, Wuluxar.

  4. yay Fist of Heavens!

  5. Please when u have some free time GIVE US A NEW PODCAST…asap.

    • we did one on MOnday and one last night with Xanth. Moar?

      But yeah, we’ll do one on gamescom stuff. probably wait until the weekend for interviews and such to bring out more details, so we won’t be speaking before we know all the info.

  6. So all legendaries are account bound now?

    • Seems like you can also upgrade them (posted the info in RoS thread) and could be linked to the stars seen in the item title.

      So this way you can “invest” more in your items by re-rolling stats using the mystic and upgrading them in some way.

    • cool, good find. added it to the big post.

    • Fantastic find, Damien, thanks for sharing!

      This really got me excited, on both the random loot runs and the endless and customizable paragon level system!

      Should be a TON of help in HC, when starting new chars often would give us a much nicer boost upon death!

  7. Only 10 passives for the crusader?

    • I’d like to see the number cut down for the other classes too and make the good ones beefier and/or combine some together so they provide a better overall effect.

      • This. Loot 2.0 is fine and all that, but they seriously can’t ignore the terrible execution of their passive skill system.

    • Work in progress. No doubt his skills and runes are far from finalized as well. None of the original 5 had all their skills and passives set at any of the blizzcon demos.

  8. Let’s show as many dark screenshots as we can so people won’t complain.

  9. A few observations:

    1. That toughness stat on items…. I wonder if that is a pre-calculated EHP boost in comparison to your current EHP, taking under consideration both resists, armor, life and mitigation on the gear. If so, I like the chance, even if it’s rather streamlined!

    2. I actually love the fact that when you first kill a boss or a special monster, you get a leg that is specifically usefor for your class. At the same time, I don’t know if I’d want that to happen in all difficulty levels, as to now overly flood the AH with items.

    3. The darkness of the 5th act is fantastic! Now if only it will net some great runs (still have to hear about the new loot finding run system), this will be a fantastic experience and addition to an already great game!

  10. I dunno about you guys, but everything I’m seeing makes me think we may be waaay off on our release date estimates.

  11. Finally a knight class. Am I getting my hopes up again for this game? 🙂

  12. Shut up and take my money.

    Finally.. the Paladin is back.

  13. Coming 2014 and box art

  14. To all the players complaining about just 1 new class: in D2 LoD you did get 2 classes but all the 5 previous classes did not get a new level cap and abilities. So yes they give you only 1 class but at least every class gets new stuff even the 5 core ones.

  15. Hey Flux, you guys had INSANE content back during the release of Diablo 3
    (LIVE Streams with all the big ARPG/D2 developers etc)which was not just entertaining but also extremely insightful.

    Will something similar happen for Reaper of Souls?

    • Hopefully we’ll have live streams with some D3 devs this time. But yeah, we’ll plan on content and live features and such for launch day of D3X.

  16. I was sure that one day my set of (white) superior archon armor elemenst would become useful:)
    also, time to speculate on the ah!

  17. QUOTE

    Also, has a lot of cool stuff:
    Conferention video:
    That conference video reminded me of the months leading up to D3 release where catchphrase like "Cool" "Awesome" "Make player feel powerful" being reused again. It usually means Blizzard is trying hard to convince themselves even of how its gonna be good. Bad omen imo. I hope we all wont get fooled twice :scratchchin:
  18. what kind of damage will Fist of Heavens and Blessed Hammer do ?

    Arcane ?

  19. QUOTE

    what kind of damage will Fist of Heavens and Blessed Hammer do ? 
    Arcane ?

    Holy most likely. Maybe lightning for FoH.

  20. they give any info on lot 2.0 eta? now its not until the damn expansion? or around failcon?

  21. guaranteed legendary on first kill of boss !

    hallelujah !

    and considering its a targeted legendary, its a great reason to reroll

    best news I’ve heard yet

  22. Do you think these skills be linked with Heaven (like lightning turn darker when Diablo shatters the diamond gates)?

  23. Holy type which only works on undead?

  24. so what happens with existing characters ?

    do they get imported into the expansion with their existing P Levels ?
    so we immediately have 50 (or whatever) paragon points to spend as soon as the game comes out ?

    • Your shared paragon = sum of all char paragon for softcore chars (same with hardcore chars)

      • yeah, I know that

        but does our existing Paragon levels get converted into points as soon as we load up the expansion ?

        that just seems like an incredible boost in power unless they increase difficulty

  25. For the “Loot Runs” My main concern is that when he says “random” he really just means a stair case will lead to how randomized the current levels are set up. i.e. You descend to a cathedral level that has the same barely fucking random features as are currently in the game and then descend to a cave from act 2 with the same barely random layout that exists in game. Meaning the only random is how the levels are connected, which means they will still be predictable for the most part.

  26. Watching “John Mosqueira” presentation at Gamescom…it looks like a weak expansion.
    -Loot 2.0, who uses white and blue items? Whats the point of taking them by hundreds to carry them to town for reagens?
    -Random dungeons aka Loot Runs, nice, but watching some screenshots…my gosh 6 bulls in a linear map? Thats equal to stupid deads when 6 bulls charge you at onces before you see any of them…
    -Choose the apparence you like most, bs…make the good sets look EPIC, Different, like moving with fire, alive, like wings, like animals…simply EPIC.

    I’m tired, disappointed and with very low hope in this expansion =( I wish im wrong….

    • Check out the slide of the Puzzle Ring at lvl 70 when you wonder what use white items could be. And they’ve said they want to make them useful in other ways, ala D2’s runewords. Might be some upgrade recipes or other such coming.

  27. No. He means your enter a Diablo 2 dungeon level.

    • Lylirra confirmed that’s the character level. just a change in how the UI displays things. (Since there’s no more individual character paragon level to show there.)

  28. Forgot to mention the Crusader’s resource system which seems to be called “Wrath”. Looks just like spirit to me lol

  29. i hope they would add Ladder in the next exp pack, starting from fresh every 4-5 month and climbing up the ladder is really motivating and its what kept me playing d2 so long… + pvp

  30. So, mana, spirit, “holy power”, faith. What is his?her resource? It looks like spirit but may be just a placeholder

  31. @werwsw based on the picture showing the primary skills, it states “generate wrath per attack” , one can make the assumption that “Wrath” is the resource used by the Crusader, but as I stated above, it looks and seems to act exactly like spirit haha.

  32. QUOTE

    yeah, I know that
    but does our existing Paragon levels get converted into points as soon as we load up the expansion ?
    that just seems like an incredible boost in power unless they increase difficulty

    They have to do it that way, otherwise everyone will complain about losing their time already invested. Likely, it will be based on summed total experience points earned.

    Personally I’d be fine with a para-reset for expansion, with everyone starting at level 0 again, and having to level first from 60 to 70. But… either way. Perhaps the various perk system options/tabs unlock at various points so you can’t dump 100 para points into main stat / vit at level 1.

  33. Resources need an overhaul. 4/6 classes have “generate/spend” paradigms, and Wizards and Doctors are pretty close w/ APoC and MoK. Bring back Energy, but make it matter. There’s still some nitty gritty details that are missing; crit damage caps, changing main stats to be more linear instead of percentage boosts, life leech/life on hit, etc. Oh, and those screen shots didn’t even bother to turn on advanced tooltips, so we have no idea if there’s similar scaling (the magnitude of weapon damage %) or if they’re trying something new out (base damage, w/ linear additive damage w/ weapons and stats). They need to fix the math first. The differences between good gear, great gear, and godly gear are way too vast.

    And zero anything about PVP. Blizzcon better drop some bombs or else the Curse of Wilson still hasn’t been exorcized.

  34. Why do crusaders passive skill icons have the same art as other classes passives? Placeholders?

    Also, Thoughness…:facepalm: Because Armor is just not cool enough.

  35. What I don’t get is why everyone is calling the Diablo 3 skill selectors “skill trees”. Skill trees imply something much more elaborate than Diablo 3 has implemented, unfortunately.

    • The were trees at one point in D3, but no longer. However, when titling this headline… what other word works? Skill menus? Skill options? Skill UI?

      Tress” just grabs the attention and interest more.

      • Even if they don’t want to go back to skill trees, they should rework the skills and runes UI to something better. I remember they did this UI the months before release, and it baffles me why they think it’s good.

  36. QUOTE

    This. Loot 2.0 is fine and all that, but they seriously can't ignore the terrible execution of their passive skill system.

    Hm, really? The passives are one of the few things that came out pretty well IMO (asides from your usual “why is the balance so awful” problems). What issues do you have with it?

  37. I’ve been thinking. I think they should rename the crusader’s resource system to “zeal”. “Wrath” just seems weaker than “fury” and it is too similar since they are both synonyms with anger. Unless they have completely run out of creativity and “anger” is the next (7th) class’s resource ;P

    I don’t have high hopes they will reveal another class at Blizzcon. Sure they seem cryptic about it but I think people are reading to much into it. It would be awesome if they did though. Until then, the crusader sounds run of the mill but in the game play vids looks pretty awesome!

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