Crusader Class Items and New Skills in RoS

A fan complained that the Crusader seemed a little short on class-specific item types and got a reply from Lylirra. Plus a confirmation that each of the original 5 is only getting one new skill in the expansion; other skills seen via datamining were test versions and will not be in the final game.

Lylirra: Similar to Barbarians, Crusaders get 1-handed flails, 2-handed flails, and Crusader shields that are unique to them.

Two-handed flails sounds awesome =)
Lylirra: There’s also currently a passive named DiabloWikiHeavenly Strength that lets you wield two-handed weapons (in your main hand) and a shield at the same time (in your off-hand).

It does reduce your movement speed by 10%, though.

Are all classes just getting 1 new skill? Will there be more skill/skill runes to be earned on the way to lvl 70? It would be a great place to toss in a great barb passive that I read somewhere.
Lylirra: In RoS, all classes are getting 1 new skill (with 5 new runes*) at 61 and 1 new passive slot at 70.

*For clarity, since some of you are wily: the base skill unlocks at 61; the supporting runes unlock at different levels (62, 63, 65, 67, and 69 for example).

Can the 10% movement speed penalty be countered completely by using paragon points or an extra piece of gear with movement speed?.
Lylirra: Don’t know off-hand, will have to check.

Good luck checking on that. I was standing two feet from Wyatt Chang on Saturday night at Blizzcon when someone asked him that exact question about the Heavenly Strength passive, and he didn’t know how it was going to be handled. It’s not set in stone yet, obviously, and maybe a Crusader using that passive could stack up to 35% MS and move just as fast as any other character with 25%, or maybe not. (Assuming 25% MS from gear remains the hardcap in RoS.)

Also note that while each class only gets one new skill, and the additional skills seen in early datamining were just experiments, each class will get several new passives. I saw 3 new ones for each class, all from lvl 61-70, in the Blizzcon demo.

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12 thoughts on “Crusader Class Items and New Skills in RoS

  1. While we may only be getting one official new skill, one can certainly hope that a MAJOR runes review and overhaul will result in tons of new stuff to play and tons of old stuff becoming useful. HOPE!

    • Just killing PermaWrath/Archon is a huge first step. I think I read that Critical Mass is just gone; not rebalanced, not tweaked, dead, ceased to be.

      As for other skills, DoTs are getting massive buffs. Locust Swarm was my favorite skill while leveling, but it stopped working around MP 4 or so. They should also make AoE zones stack, like Spirit Barrage: Phantasm, Acid Rain, or Fire Pit.

      • I think I read that they like CM. They said that they’ll change procs in order to nerf CM a little bit.
        It’s one of the best designed passives – problem is that everyone wants IAS and CM wizards takes the biggest benefit from it.

        • yes Mortalo, they said the player should feel empowered and imba. Here’s hoping they buff damage skills so they rival the perma cc builds.

        • I meant that someone was playing the Blizzcon demo, opened up the Wizard skill pane, and saw that CM was gone. Can anyone confirm this?

  2. First time I’ve seen a fourth passive slot confirmed, excite! I agree with yovargas, the rune revitalization and skill revamp are more important to me and beneficial for the game than a bunch of new skills.

    • I agree. It’s probably also a fair trade-off: new skills vs revamped existing skills. In the next expansion, hopefully they’ll be able to focus on adding skills rather than having to overhaul existing ones. Since I can’t see us getting to 5 passive slots, it’s likely the next expansion would have at least 2-3 new skills per class I think.

  3. With Blizzcon over and all the information about RoS, all I’d like to know is when will they start introducing new features like loot and paragon 2.0 into D3. Sure it’s great to be informed, but do they want me to play the game or should we just wait until RoS, because right they seem to have a lack of interest toward that goal of bringing people back before the expansion which isn’t even close to being released.

  4. So no shadow wall thingy for demon hunters? So many disappointments this blizzcon…

    At least they make the legendary BoA – best news ever, even better than removing the AH.

    • With the legendaries being BoA they could’ve just kept the AH. Wouldn’t make that much difference now, except for some extreme crafting.

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