Crusader Build – Hammer of the Blessed

Crusader Build – Hammer of the Blessed

crusader build

Torr’s holy themed DiabloWikiCrusader build article has been evolving into a much broader article lately. He has just added an entire section on items he likes using with this build and general item guidelines for items needed if those aren’t readily available to you (post AH shopping sprees). This section is particularly useful if you need help with determining which attributes are preferential on which item types so you can better judge alternative items.

This crusader build is made for being in the thick of it, surrounded, as you’d expect with using Blessed Hammer and that’s made all the more possible when it’s able to heal for 45-50k for each pot of Wrath.  Torr may tweak the build after hearing more user critique, especially with input regarding Bosses which seems to be the only Achillies’ heel here.

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    1. Thanks for posting this. Was thinking of trying to create some sort of chargadin build but not made some time to play ROS yet but the hammerdin will help me get started on similar attributes needed.

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