The Crusader is far from a finished product and the content in the Diablo 3 demos is edited and limited from the full production version, but there are usually quite a few skills listed, including ones of a higher level than you can even use in the demo. We’ve posted big lists of these from Blizzcon in years past, and from Gamescom comes a full list of the skills courtesy of long time excellent French Diablo fansite, Judge Hype.

    The Crusader’s Passive skills, all translated from the French on Judge Hype. The Crusader’s resource is called “Wrath” (for now) and as was true of most class resources in past D3 demos, it works like mana at this point. It will probably be much different in the final game.

  • DiabloWikiIndestructible: Gain 1% armor for every 5% of life lost.
  • DiabloWikiWrathful: When you block a shot, gain 5% regeneration of Wrath for 3 seconds.
  • DiabloWikiHeavenly Strength: Allows you to carry a two-handed weapon with your main hand, but only if you equip a shield in the other hand. Note however that you lose 10% in movement speed while doing this.
  • DiabloWikiHold Your Ground: Increases 5% chance to block. Reduced to 0% dodge chance. (Yes, 0%, must believe that it can change.)
  • DiabloWikiAgainst All Odds: When the Crusader is surrounded by at least 4 enemies (within 15 yards), the odds of landing a critical hit are increased by 10%.
  • DiabloWikiFinery: You get 34 resistance to all elements for each different color gem that sits on your equipment. If you have 5 gems of different colors (Diamonds have been seen in the Gamescom demo) you get an additional bonus of 34.
  • DiabloWikiHoly Because: Increases 10% damage of the Sacred weapon. Also increases by 10% the proc effect on Sacred weapons.
  • DiabloWikiVigilant: Increases the regeneration of life (42 in the case of the level 32 in the demo). Increases the regeneration of total life (3%). Reduces all non-physical damage received (-2%).
  • These are far from the final version of the skills, and they’re translated from English into French and back, so don’t take them as word for word perfection. But it’s an interesting look into how the class is being developed.

    Click through for the full list of Crusader’s Active Skills.

    Again, translated from the French from Judge Hype’s great work.

    Bear in mind these are works in progress, they’ll change, only a few of the runes are available yet, the Crusader’s resource will probably be tweaked, etc. Just read them for a general sense of how the class will work


    Costs: 5 Wrath

    Hits your enemy. Your favorite increase your sense of combat, which improves your ability to block. Requires a shield.

  • Rune Retaliate: When you block, you do extra damage.
  • DiabloWikiSlash
    Costs: 5 Wrath.

    Ignites the air in front of you with a fire, damaging all enemies in here.

  • Rune: Long Reach Increases the range of much ability.
  • DiabloWikiJustice
    Costs: 5 angered by attack

    Lance hammer justice on enemies. You can use the Shift key to do this without moving.

    Costs 5 angered by attack

    Surrounding enemies filled with holy power son. The son cut and bleeding are the targets which they are attached, and then seek out new enemies to punish.


    DiabloWikiShield Bash
    Costs 25 Wrath.

    Blasts enemies in front of you. Requires a shield.

    DiabloWikiFist of the Heavens
    Costs 30 Wrath.

    Calls a bolt from the blue, damaging enemies in the area. You can use the Shift key to do this without moving.

  • Rune: Well street of Retribution: Creates a flash sacred wells to the targeted location that electrocutes nearby enemies.
  • DiabloWikiBlessed Hammer
    Costs 10 Wrath.

    Summons a sacred hammer revolves around you, damaging enemies. You can use the Shift key to do this without moving.

    DiabloWikiBlessed Shield
    Costs 25 wrath.

    Lance celestial shield in the air, hitting enemies and bouncing on them.

    DiabloWikiSweep Attack
    Costs 25 wrath.

    You scan the air with a mystical curse in a large arc on the enemies in front of you in, making them much damage.


    DiabloWikiGlare Shield
    Cooldown 12 seconds

    Light out of the shield, temporarily blinding enemies in front of you. Requires a shield.

  • Rune: Emblazoned Rune Shield: Enemy blinded sometimes explode when their life is low.
  • DiabloWikiJudgment
    Cooldown 20 seconds

    Description: Roots enemies for 4 seconds.


    Cooldown 20 seconds

    Creates a sacred land around you who treats the cross and its allies.

  • Rune: Street Shattered Ground: The enemies within the area of ??effect damage cashing.
  • DiabloWikiProvoke
    Generates 50 Wrath.
    Cooldown 20 seconds

    Causes the enemy, causing them to attack you for 5 seconds.


    DiabloWikiLaws of Valor
    Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Passive: When you make a critical hit, you and your allies do more damage for a while.
  • Active: Increases the damage of the cross and its allies while Laws of Valor is active.
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Fate
    Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Passive: When you avoid a sudden, you and your allies are faster for a while.
  • Active: Increases the speed of the cross and its allies while Laws of Fate is active.
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Justice
    Cooldown 30 seconds
    Requires a shield

  • Passive: When you block a shot, you and your allies cash in less damage for a while.
  • Active: Increases how the cross and its allies are protected while Laws of Justice is active.
  • Conviction

    DiabloWikiFalling Sword
    Costs 25 Wrath.
    Cooldown 15 seconds

    Starts the character in the air and falls on enemies.

  • Rune: Part of the Cloud: You make a lightning storm that covers the place where the character falls. This launches the lightning enemies that are below.
  • DiabloWikiHeaven’s Fury
    Costs 40 Wrath.

    Calls a radius of sacred power which burns and damages enemies.

    Lots of cool stuff there, and obviously only scratching the surface of the class’ potential, with just one or no runes known for each skill.

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